Apprehensions Behind Every Dream!

“What is your long term dream in life?” the question paper read.  I had completed my exam except this one question; I had plenty of time to think about it for longer than necessary.
I’ve had a number of dreams while I grew up.  I came all the way from dreaming about being a princess to a poet to a politician.  There was a time when I wanted to be an ice-vendor just so I could have tonne of ice cream to eat. And all of us have once in our life thought about how amazing it would be to own a confectionary. “I could eat all the crappy junk I wanted to! That’s it…that’s what I want to be.”
But as I grew up, I realised my dream should be something that can be achieved in some tangible form; something a little more realistic than a princess and a little more ambitious than an ice-cream vendor.  More importantly as put by my parents it should be something that would pay my bills on time. I was made to realise that money was the prime objective to be achieved by my dreams. But does fulfilling your dreams just mean having a pay check in your bank account?  I pondered upon this question a lot.
Now I won’t go on preaching money can’t buy you happiness because who wouldn’t be happy if they had a luxurious home, the latest sports car, all the amazing gadgets and half a dozen servants at their beck and call? But what is the point of all the bone breaking over money when you have to spend it on therapy to find happiness? Doesn’t your dream equate to happiness?  Isn’t a dream something we really want? And what else do we really want other than to be happy?
Your dream should be something that makes you happy. And nobody but you yourself should decide what makes you happy. So my long term goal in life? I want to be happy. Do everything that would make me happy. It might mean falling out of line a few times- a few flunked classes, some missed lectures, dozen or two scolding from the parents. But when I look back, I want there to be no scion of doubt in that I lived my dream. It may not be what I started out to end up with, but nevertheless something that I would have no regrets about.

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Purva Dwivedi (MCM DAV 36)

Purva Dwivedi (MCM DAV 36)

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