Apple: Tale of Woes and War


As one of the largest and worldwide famous Information Technology Company that designs, develops and sells consumer electronics, computer software, online services and personnel computers, Apple is trusted to be safer and bug free when compared to others. But the notion seems to be changing. Read here why!

Apple Inc., an American Multinational Technology Company, founded bySteve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne has been in discussion recently and seems to have been going through a “Microsoft moment.” In the past few years, Microsoft and Apple have shared litigate issues. In 1988, Apple filed a $5.5 billion lawsuit against Microsoft and Hewlett Packard, alleging copyright infringement and breach of contract.

What else is happening from the past few years is that the users are facing and complaining about annoying glitches! A nasty bug has been encountered that hackers use to bury viruses so deep in Macs that it is impossible for a regular user to find it. Also, a flaw appeared that lets a text message crash an iphone. Does that mean that our hard earned money would be invested in a wrong place?

Remember those times when Apple used to advertise about being better than Windows? But it seems that Apple is at the same place where Microsoft was a decade ago. Customer wants the security of the gadget to be guaranteed but Apple users are reporting few major problems regarding Apple’s Security Systems.

Professionals, hackers and engineers tell us 5 problems that Apple Inc. needs to work upon:

1.Irregular and Infrequent Security updates:

software update ios

Apple approximately took 100 days to fix a problem last year which was very slow and unsatisfactory. Apple also took two whole months to fix an information-stealing malware called Flashback, due to which, an estimate of 650,000 Macs were infected.

2.Secrecy and Privacy:

Apple Privacy Policy

Apple did not admit anything about the flaws in Macs and refused to tell about the root cause of the text flaw that was finally acknowledged, though it offered advice to fix it.

3.Latest software updates:


Apple provides update mostly for its latest version of software. People using older version are forsaken by the company. Apple usually passes by giving an excuse of free software updates for all, while ignoring the fact that older laptops cannot handle the latest software updates.


4.Money rewards:


Hackers and Spies are ready to pay more to detect flaws that are not been made public rather than Apple, who is not willing to pay any kind of money rewards for finding out disastrous bugs and flaws.


5.No guilt conscience:

bent 6

The most frustrating thing about Apple is that, it does not acknowledge flaws in their working manner and system. Thus, it gets difficult for its security researchers and engineers to deal with it sometimes.

Apple is not very responsive or accurate as other companies. It got so worse that 684 independent Apple developers launched a formal campaign in 2012 and wrote a letter begging the company to improve its bug reporting system.

Some 15 years back, Microsoft went through a corporate turnaround. It wasn’t easy but they did it. They made certain changes, adapted  and implemented few successful strategies like PATCH TUESDAY, BLUE HAT etc., but one of their most successful strategy was ‘BUG BOUNTY’, where they turned hackers into their favor and  used them as their own army and guardians.

Now that the bad has been provided, the good news is that Apple is aware and moving towards improvement.

So it’s a good sign for all the Apple users.

Ha! How I wish Apple was just a fruit!

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