APPLE EVENT SEPTEMBER 10- iPhone 6S and 6S plus Preview


Apple just announced its newest iPhones- 6S and 6S plus and the iPad pro.

Do they live up to the hype? Let’s find out.

IPhone 6S and 6S plus

I am not a big fan of apple and generally prefer android over ios. However I do appreciate the quality of hardware of experience that they provide. The S version launches in iPhone are notorious for being a minimal upgrade on the previous generation. It’s not the same case this year as the new phones have come out with quite a few upgrades over the iPhone 6.


The major upgrade that had been a long time coming is the new 12 megapixel camera on the back, allowing it to capture higher resolution pictures and 4K video. Many people were satisfied with the 8 MP camera on the previous generation so this might be one of the best smartphone cameras on the market after it is released. The selfie camera is also bumped up to 5MP which surely a lot of people will appreciate.

They have also upgraded the durability of the frame of the phone to fix the bending issue (BENDGATE) in iPhone 6. It now uses aluminium 7000 series for its frame.

3D touch comes into the iPhones after its usage in the Apple Watch. It adds another layer of input allowing you to interact with the device by pressing with more force. It is deeply integrated in the OS and lets you preview conversation, pictures and as such without leaving your current window. The delay in previewing seems a little longer than desired and we’ll have to see if this particular feature works out.

They have upgraded the processor- the new A9 chip which gives 1.8x performance boost over iPhone 6. Other specs such as RAM, battery all remain the same.


It would have been perfect launch if they had just upped the minimum model storage to 32 gigs. 16GB is not enough for most of the users and there is really no reason to not provide the extra storage other than to get the extra 100$ from the user. It leaves a bad taste in your mouth as the company that claims to care so much for its users using such practises.

The RAM is still 1GB, although ios is optimised to run on iPhones hardware, an upgrade on the RAM would have made the phone futureproof. You can bet that apple is going to come out with some feature in iPhone 7 that requires 2GB of RAM.


It’s a really good upgrade for an S version of the series. Those who take a lot of pictures on their phone are going to love the new features and camera.  The 3D touch might turn out to be a great feature but that is yet to be seen. Unfortunately the base model is still 16GB which makes the 32GB model, which most users buy a lot more expensive than the other phones on the market.

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