Antaragni Chandigarh Nationals: Suits of Euphoria


The annual cultural festival of IIT Kanpur, Antaragni, is held every year and is considered to be one of the most popular cultural festivals in India. It was established in 1965 and now draws in over 100 colleges in India. As a part of their road trip, they again landed in Chandigarh this year on August 13, 2017, at College of Engineering and Technology, with an aim to get as many talented youngsters as they could for the mass festival. The absolute event was organized by Shivam Singhal, the Head of Events & Competitions, IIT Kanpur, in association with Akshat Jain, the Head of Dramebaaz Club, CCET Chandigarh.

“We want to get a maximum number of participants and spread Antaragni more. Providing them a platform of great talent and encouraging them with worthy rewards for further participation, is the motive” said, Shubham, the Manager of Antaragni Roadtrip.

dsc_0970The various events that were organized during the one-day fest included a Nukkad Play (Street Play), Dance/Music events, Quiz, Modern Art and Kavyanjali. The street play was on the social issue of giving respect to the people doing odd jobs for a living and received a positive response their performance from the judges. The dance and music events that included Antaragni Idol, Solo dance and Group dance received maximum participation. Students got a platform to display their talent in front of an experienced as well as a talented panel of judges from Tagore Theatre that included Wazir Singh an in house singer, Amardeep Singh (Owner RNIK Production and a Bollywood Producer) and Varun Jhamb (Creative Producer). They didn’t just judge the participants but also provided feedback regarding the scope of improvement. The winners of the various events won cash prices and stand a chance to participate in the main four days Antaragni fest at IIT Kanpur. Most of the winners were from CCET that included Aakanksha from CCET who won the Antaragni Idol.

dsc_0960While the event on a whole was fantastic, Nukkad Natak was the vivacity to the show. The zeal could be felt in the taps and claps of the participants. The students of CCET, Dramebaaz Club performed with utmost enthusiasm and got qualified for the nationals, which will be held in October at IIT Kanpur.They have been winning this competition continuously for the last three years. This time they focused on the “Dignity of Labourers”, leaving a strong message in the minds of the audience of how we should treat the people who work for us. The driving force behind them has been their motivational seniors. Now they are all set for the nationals. “We feel really good and blessed to go to the next round and get a chance to prove our talents”, said a member of the winning team.

20170812233718_img_7584The event was adjudicated by two eminent personalities having a dear relation with theatre, Mr. Balkaar Sidhu, the Director of Tagore Theatre and Mrs. Priyanka Singh, the Coordinator of Manav Mangal Public School and an amazing Theatre artist as well. They thoroughly enjoyed the performance. Belonging to this genus of artists, they invited the participants with their experiences and gave them certain exhortations for future.

“The artists were commendable. They have great creativity. The play was written by them, directed by them, so the artists are really good. We are glad to see such talent among these students. Besides studies, they have managed with these things. They are engineers that means they have the intelligence in studies and at the same time artistic intelligence is also present in them. We really wish to see the future of these artists and hope they win the competition for which they have been selected”, said Mrs. Priyanka Singh.

The audience equally enjoyed the zestful event and felt the change of thoughts being brought in by them. “The play was nice. The portrayal of the message was really good. It was in a complete flow and few elements were extraordinary. The music was really good. I see that through this play participants evolve themselves too. I must say they are on the way”, said Dhriti Gupta, alumni of the college from the audience.

The event was a success for everyone, spreading out new thoughts and the exploration of talent eventually lead to a wonderful day for all.

“Our Sunday was made worthy, you all have given us a nice treat”, claimed Mrs. Priyanka Singh.

This one-day stop at Chandigarh had an enthusiastic crowd who enjoyed the numerous activities of their interest as there was plenty of choices for them.More of such events are desired by the Tri-City students who are looking forward to such stages to showcase their talent.

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