Ant-Man& The Wasp Movie Review: Yo Critics! It Was Smooth


The Marvel Universe, after having Spider-man and the Ant-man, now introduces a ‘Wasp’ in its hero-list (I don’t know what’s Marvel’s obsession with insects). The character is played by Evangeline Lilly (Hope: hank’s daughter ).‘Ant-Man and The Wasp’ is the sequence of the Ant-man movie and this time it baffles us with some amazing fighting scenes, unexpected turns and twists in the story line, plus a far reaching knowledge of quantum realm. “Do you guys use quantum before very word?”: Paul Rudd (ant man).

However, the critics tumultuously call this movie not best up to its potential, which doesn’t makes sense and will be further discussed in this article.

To begin with the storyline, I believe it wasn’t about saving the humanity from the dark forces or something planning to engulf the earth. ‘Hank Pym’ had his wife (Jannet)  stuck in the quantum realm 30 yrs before, and now after been  proven it’s possible to return from the realm as Scott did, he decides to find her and bring her back. The whole movie revolves around this family problem, which comes in conflict with the problems of Ava (the Ghost); Sonny (illegal arms trader) and not to be missed, Scott who is under house arrest.

Apparently, mostly every character in the movie has troubles in life, which turned them against each other and therefore, I won’t hesitate to claim, that it was a film with no villain! Ava; the ghost was trying to fix her   quantum phase issues (ironically her super-power) and suffered through immense pain. Sonny Burch; the illegal arms trader wanted to be a part of Hank’s project and earn a good profit.  So, the element of evil tendency was absent here, which enables me to make the no villain claim.

Moving forward, the film contains jaw-dropping action scenes and check hurting comedy: “You tangled with my wife.”   “No, I respect her.” “ I meant the quantum link.”

The shrink and enlarge fight scenes, the wasp suit  with wings and blasters, Luis truth serum, turning truck into a skateboard,  all was a gift to the audience with every next bit. Notably, Michael Peña (Luis) has done a great job as a supporting actor.

Ant Man and The Wasp, has a good rating overall and has been appreciated by the viewers and radical marvel fans. Interestingly, the critics find many find many flaws into the storyline, Scott’s character and the villains. Their criticism lies on the fact, that it failed to have a serious theme and rather had a happy and comic depiction of the incidents. Honestly, after something like, ‘Avengers infinity wars’, whereby our beloved super heroes die, the audience needed it somewhere. Talking of Scott’s character they say; he was presented as dumb guy, unlike in the preceding film. This is absurd because, Scott was shown doing magic tricks and using the technique of ‘misdirection’ to puzzle his enemies, which was ‘Einstein-smart!’

As mentioned earlier, this movie had no villain and ended with a very positive message, that problems can be solve if work together. Further, critics need to understand, that this movie has a strong connection with the upcoming ‘Captain Marvel’ film. Hence, all the flaws they point out here are in reality, perfections.In conclusion, Marvel is working quite hard making a heroic image for dreadful insects. Glee!

The film more seemed to give hints about the role the Ant-Man and characters in the upcoming marvel movie. Probably, this could be the reason for such a cool going plot. Moreover, there is a mid-credit scene at the end, which proves this connection.  Overall I’d like to give 4 starts for the action, comedy, emotions and the ‘baba yaga’ thing. In my view it’s a must watch movie before Marvel unleashes the bigger monster next year.

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