Another voice adds to the plight of commerce students in GGDSD


With the college elections being just round the corner, Student Organization of Punjab University (SOPU) in GGDSD College has come to the aid of the students. The veteran student body has submitted an application to the Principal, regarding various problems faced by students in the Department of Commerce.

The first of their concerns being the renovation of the whiteboards, SOPU party members have requested the college authorities to look in the matter and take the necessary actions. The unsatisfactory condition of the whiteboards shapes obstacle for the teachers to write on, as well as for the students to jot down the necessary information; especially for the questions that require solving problems.

Then again, the students of B.Com and BBA have voiced their discontent towards the continuous stream of classes without any respite in between. This makes their schedule quite hectic. A break in between would definitely help the students to freshen up and continue their classes with same efficiency as in the forenoon. Citing such a situation of the students from the above mention departments, SOPU party members on August 11th, 2016 took it to the authorities and requested them to take the matter into consideration.

Days back, SOI submitted an application on quite similar issues to the management.

Sameer Aggrawal, the Party-in-charge of SOPU, remarked on the similarity between issues raised by SOI and SOPU, “Demanding the mid-break for the BBA students also, in one way differentiates the demands of SOPU party from that of SOI.”

Taking the college elections to another level, this year all the college parties are trying their level best to improve their mark and get the nod as ‘a cut above the rest’.

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