Annual Functional English Event ‘Fen-Fest’ Makes Ends Meet

After repeated delay in arrangements, the Postgraduate Government College, Sector 11 organized Functional-English Department’s annual festival called ‘Fen-Fest’ on April 6th, 2017. Various competitions were held as part of the fest, where students from many Chandigarh colleges participated.
The fest organised competitive events like ‘Weave-a-Story’, ‘Live Ad Show’, public service announcement, ‘RJ-ing’, ‘Just a Minute’, news reading and group discussion, all of which were designed for Functional English students from colleges all over Chandigarh.
Students from GGDSD College, Sector 32, PG Government College, Sector 46, PG Government College for Girls, Sector 11, and MCM DAV College, Sector 36, participated with zeal and enthusiasm in the fest. MCM DAV 36 dominated the fest, winning 8 of the total 14 prizes that were given away in various events.
Over 60 participants were registered for this novel attempt at “promoting inter-college harmony and developing a strong foundation for knowledge sharing and putting theoretical skills into practice.”
Principal Dr Sehgal, appealed to the students to, “Always be ready to take on new challenges and work hard to unleash inherent potentials.”
2Former students of Functional English who are presently holding prestigious positions in academics and media were invited to judge the various events.
“Break the stereotypes, set your goal and stop not till its reached,” implored Dr Sharda Kaushik, the chief guest of the function. Dr Indu Bala Singh and Dr Aparna Kaushal (HOD PG Dept of English), gave away the prizes to the winners.
The fest was carried out in the midst of an ongoing protest in the college by the students against the fee hike by PU. The campus was filled with various police personnel who were present to keep the strikes in check. Although nothing could deter the students who enthusiastically participated in the event a few minor hiccups like parking problems were cited as the only issues.
In the ‘weave a story’ competition, Geshna Sharma  and Gunjan Sharma of MCM DAV 36 won the first and second prize respectively. In group discussion competition, Gauri (MCM DAV 36) and Karan (PGGC -11) won the first and second prize. Janvi (MCM DAV 36) and Aneesha ( MCM DAV 36) bagged first and second prize respectively in public service announcement competition, Aneesha (MCM DAV 36) and Janvi (MCM DAV 36) in news reading competition, Ananya Mehta (PGGCG-11) and Govidha (MCM DAV 36) in ‘RJ-ing’. In live ad show competition, the PGGCG-11 team (Ananya, Saumya and Rashika) stood first and the PGGC-11 team (Lakshay, Rajneesh and Shivam) were second prize winners.

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