‘Annabelle Creation’: The Horror Saga Continues


It is time to thrive your mind with stimulation as the fear intrigues your soul. Push your horror perspicacity boundaries as Warner Bros. are back with their spooky series. Yes, you got it right. The raggedy Ann-Doll is back to haunt us with her dreadful antiquity. Having made its appearance in the conjuring series, Annabelle film, finally Gary Dauberman under the direction of David F. Sandberg uncovers the Annabelle reality in its brand new series ‘Annabelle Creation’.

The movie was released on August 18, 2017 (India). Before its release only, it had created a great hype among the horror freaks. The first Annabelle series had got great appreciation and reviews and it was able to collect $275 million worldwide. The Annabelle Creation has been a longing movie for the horror loving audience. It has been able to get 99% votes on sites like Book My Show. Moreover, the IMDB rating of the movie is 7.2/10.

The first Annabelle series was about a story of a doll bought by a family and after that, the mother & daughter of the family started facing demonic instances. The movie ended with an interrogative mark of the sudden disappearance of the doll from the crime scene. From then the doll became a mystery.

The new series in the conjuring saga is also a special & a strong chapter because it’s about revealing the mystery of the freaky scary doll that had showcased its appearance in various horror hits and returns to terrify us once again. It has always hit the minds of the audience about its existence. Some sprinkled facts about the movie are that it’s about a toy maker and his wife who welcomes a nun and six orphan girls. The toy maker decides to provide a place to this girl to live in.

The daughter of the toy maker had met with a car accident and her name was Annabelle. The house involves a room that has been locked for a while and belongs to that daughter. Polio stricken girl among the six ends up in that room and observes that it’s covered with toys and there she first had her and Annabelle encounter. All through the movie, she suffers from various demonic encounters. To know how Annabelle became Annabelle Doll you need to book your show and have a firsthand experience of this horror platter.

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