Angel: If only we knew music could kill!


A week ago if I had asked you about Taher Shah, you would have been like “Taher who?”

But off late this guy has been dominating our timelines a mere day after the release of his bombastic new single, Angel. The song has gone viral across the internet and here’s a line by line analysis of this beautiful rendition which will render you dumb if you dare to lend an ear to his melodious baritone.

The video of the single, which is a benchmark in the genre of trashy pop begins like that of a bhajan, with Taher saying “Aaaaaaan-jull” as if he’s reciting a mantra. Don’t get baffled, he’s trying to say angel. Spare the poor guy, he’s new to English.

For those who did not survive the first 8 seconds of this horror story and fell short of the courage to stand Taher in his fairy like-dress with a train and wings, I gotcha! Once Taher turns towards us, the visual appeal reaches an all time high with his tresses billowing like that of a fairy queen in the wind.

The fairy like dress turns out to be a candy purple women’s bathrobe. I wonder if he’s picked it up from his wife’s wardrobe while there was a power cut. Another argument is that he may be trying to spice up his spring-summer look with an out of the box outfit. But Taher darling please don’t try doing that again, we don’t want to lose our eyesight for heaven’s sake.  We will accept you as an angel even if you wear the good old pants.

The lush green backdrop combined with Taher calling himself mankind’s angel gets way too much. But the video reaches the epitome of epicness when he gets hold of a silver wand and the bathrobe turns blue with huge silver buttons to hold it in place.

Four minutes down the video, another Blond angel appears and Taher hold hands with her. I pity her, poor thing.

Next up debut Taher’s chest hair resting among which is a golden T. Then on appears a little kid who’s miserable stuck up there. He’s making faces as if he’s constipated.

I would have told you more but sorry guys, I fainted.

WARNING: Watch it at your own risk.

Watch it HERE

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