And I think to myself, what a wonderful world, NOT.


Well, it’s definitely pretty bad. Turn on the news, and any rational citizen will quickly run out of adjectives to describe what goes on in here.

You have to think about it in a certain way. What constitutes this being a wonderful world? Peace, harmony, freedom, people getting along each other, absence of poverty, hunger , child labor etc etc. Right?  And there are tons of things to debunk all of that. Cause well, newsflash; a wonderful world is a utopian view.

Let’s take wars. Wars all around the world, take Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Syria.  According to an estimate posted by the UN on 24th July 2013 the ongoing armed conflict in Syria has killed 100,000 people.

Human trafficking. Indonesian and South Asian girls were illegally brought into USA and then sold off. Selling of humans, by humans for humans? People treated as commodities.
ADD the terrorist attacks, child soldiers in Africa, hunger, poverty, natural calamities and so on to the never ending list.

Why look for examples so far away. Our own country is diseased by Corruption, rapes, murders, dowry killings, honor killings, crime against women and so much more, so much worse.  The Delhi gang rape case was a horrible wake up call for the nation. For a couple of months all you could see on news channels or newspapers were discussions, just discussions about what should be done. Results?  Nothing. To mock those “discussions” another gang rape case in Mumbai recently happened. And here we go again with the debates, tweets, facebook status, posts, articles, but in the end amounting to …nothing.

Let’s look around us now and talk about the environmental degradation. Soon the boards giving directions to the scenic routes will disappear. The ozone layer which just has holes at the moment will totally wither ever. The melted ice due to global warming will drown our lands. You might even see a few polar bears swim before they go extinct. Oxygen booths like in Japan, Mexico City or even in Karnataka in India won’t be the only ones. Soon people will purchase pure water and oxygen. Also, issues over sharing resources will give birth to major wars. Not a good picture, is it?

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Roshni kaura (UILS, PU Campus)

Roshni kaura
(UILS, PU Campus)

Student of law. Avid reader. Eclectic song binger. One season a day person.


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