Anam Narula: A True Fighter And His Saviours


With the wave of initiative drive to ‘Help Anam Narula Fight Leukemia‘ gaining momentum across the city and beyond, we have a long list of selfless contributors who are leaving no stone unturned to raise funds, initiate various events and help their friend fight the deadly disease.

Amy Singh, the mind behind ‘Request a Poem’ initiative has managed to gather everybody under the same roof through her altruistic approach. And while she has held everybody intact in the thread of poetry, saviours of equal contribution are Avleen Kaur Lamba, Ishnoor Singh Ghuman, Sahej Chopra, Gursahiba Gill, Nihil Garg and Aanand Priya, who have mastered the art of giving Anam a hope with the soul of their creativity. Here we present to you how these people feel and talk about the noble cause and their efforts.

Inking hopes in poems and letters, see what Amy Singh and Avleen Kaur Lamba have to say!

Amy Singh

Q. What made you take poems as the sole vision for this drive of helping Anam?

I am a poet. Also, I have been without a job since last couple of months. So, poetry was all that I had to offer. It was my only tool, my only hope. And according to me, poetry is the thread that can bond everybody together.

Q. Do you think that this drive has brought about a significant rush amongst the youth of the city to help him rather than any other medium?

Yes, this drive definitely engaged people with Anam’s story. I thought if I could raise even 15-20 thousand by writing poems of request then I will donate the money for Anam. I never thought that this initiative will go viral and will receive such support and donations from beyond our city. This drive definitely gave a boost in crowd funding within a week, especially when it was covered by HT, TOI, Being Indian and ScoopWhoop.

Q. What is the further course of action that you strive to take to raise more funds?

We still need to raise a lot of money. So there are three on ground fundraiser events we have to organize in next 2-3 weeks. I am working closely with Avleen Kaur Lamba, Gursahiba Gill and Sameer Singh to make these happen. One event is exhibition, another up is storytelling meet up and then a run.

Avleen Kaur Lamba

Q. How do you think that the event ‘Fan Fiction Fables’ played a significant role in this noble cause?

Actually, it was a pre-planned event before Anam’s cause cropped out. It was a collaborative event of Mukhtalif- the Poetry Society of MCM and the Order of Merlin. So, we thought of including this cause too as a part of the event and fortunately due to a lot of crowd turnover, we could actually spread the message to the masses. And, I wrote letters and got several requests for the same and we will soon be publishing a link in the same context.

Q. How do you consider the massive support of people who are sending in their support for the initiative to help Anam?

It’s absolutely overwhelming. I am someone who studies literature and it is mostly pessimistic and all you can find is negativity in the vicinity. But things like these reinforce your faith in humanity. When you think that nothing can happen, these beautiful beings come up as messiahs disguised as humans.

What is equally important to arrange funds is to manage them. Luckily, Ishnoor and Sahej are doing great with their skills! 

Ishnoor Singh Ghuman: 

Q. What amount of funds have you managed to raise till now?

We have reached around 20 lakhs and require 5-10 lakhs more. We are hopeful of getting those too. I personally never thought that we will be able to manage to fetch all these donations. I am thankful to everyone who has helped us to believe that no matter if world is ripped apart with thoughts and ideologies but still there is this positivity which makes us all survive together.

Q. What changes could you notice in Anam after the ‘Request for Poem’ initiative?

Anam, being a poet, feels so optimistic for his future with words as he opens Facebook or after reading some shayaris at or listening to some Urdu studios at YouTube. He has been singing shayaris now and often does that when a negative thought strikes his mind so as to suppress it with words. Before this initiative, he was filled with fear of death and not surviving. He said that it seems to be the last dream but now he is back with smile and poetry is just like the magic wand of him, trying to kill all those things trying to kill him.

Sahej Chopra: 

Q. What made you connect with the initiative for Anam?

For me, it was an involuntary association. He is my best friend with whom I have sent the best moments of my life. The primary concern even Anam had on his mind was finances, which is why the fundraising drive started. Honestly it’s been a puzzling experience and I am still trying to absorb everything that such an amount could be raised in such simple manners and that too so fast. Again when I say simple manners, I definitely do not negate the efforts of Amy Didi, Ishnoor, Avleen, Rupayan, Nihil and so many others.

Q. Tell us more about the next initiative drive ‘Stories for Anam’?

‘Stories for Anam’ is another fundraiser event organized by Amy Didi along with the other members of the group where you will catch Chandigarh’s finest storyteller’s sharing some good tales. And the people will not only have a good time but will also help us raise funds for Anam. It will be organized at Innov8 Coworking Chandigarh on 11th June. So, it’s my humble request to all to ensure their benign presence.

From left: Gursahiba Gill, Avleen Kaur Lamba, Aanand Priya, Bhupinder (another saviour) and Amy Singh

From left: Gursahiba Gill, Avleen Kaur Lamba, Aanand Priya, Bhupinder (another saviour) and Amy Singh

The overall event manager speaks!

Gursahiba Gill

Q. Which factors according to you played a pivotal role in striking the chord with the general lot?

Well, the factors could be extremely subjective, a lot of people who have had firsthand experience with cancer or shared some common ground. One of the biggest aspect was the youth reaching out, students giving their pocket money and even their first pay cheques. A lot of people have been anonymous angels. If you ask for help and your cause is genuine, you won’t leave empty handed no matter what. It’s funny how none of us realize that our basic human instinct still exists amidst the false world of materialism.

Q. Any transformation that you could find within yourself after being associated with this noble cause?

I realized that it is important to let go off one’s inhibitions that they need to be financially independent if they want to help someone. It is actually the penury of one’s heart which acts as a roadblock. I have realized that one needs to be very strong because you can’t take any action if your heart and mind are not in equilibrium.

If only lifelines in human form could do, we say, these two would be more than enough!

Nihil Garg

Q. Do you personally know Anam or you contributed your bit for the cause of humanity? Have you ever taken such initiative earlier?

I am his friend, more than a friend. Initially it was Sahej, Bhupinder, Aanand Priya and me and we were planning to go o places and ask for donations. But this campaign took off so well and it got boosted up as more and more people came up. And more than half of the people who donated, they donated out of humanity. I haven’t taken any initiative of this sort before and this is the first time I am into all this and I feel so good to be a part of this.

Q. Did you think that you will be able to gather such quantum of money and support with poems as the backbone of the entire initiative drive?

I think poetry has always been underestimated if compared with other arts. But, the true spirit of Amy Didi and the entire team proved that yes, it is possible on the very first day of the initiative as we managed to collect around 80K. And with one of the event gaining such good momentum, we have now planned to carry on with more events taking various forms of arts and aesthetics as the centre of attraction.

Aanand Priya

Q. Please tell us about your meeting with Anam?

I went to meet him on Saturday and the first thing he said when I entered was “Aah ki banke aa gai” and he laughed just because I had tied my hair into two braids that day. I thought I would cry on seeing him so weak and frail but his spirits cheered me up and we talked about everything- gossips, philosophy, our crushes and poetry of course and had the most interesting conversations. Now he is very positive and after regular visits of his friends, he has cheered up a lot.

Q. Any message that you would want to give to the readers?

My message for the readers would be that Anam has dropped his cynical and pessimist mood for a while and we are all really elated to see that. And we are grateful to all those who helped. Life is tough for atheists like us. We have no one to hold on to and no one to pray to. But our faith has certainly increased by a great extent in humanity.

This was just like skimming the surface as there much more nobility and generosity deep down the hearts of these people who have held true to the virtues of humanity, philanthropy and altruism. And while they are doing what we all know now, there are a lot many people who are no less than their backbone; all the contributors and well-wishers!

This is a call for all to step forward and contribute a bit towards the human values and be the silver lining to the dark cloud of malady in Anam’s life. Two events are being held as a part of fund-rasier events,

  • Art Exhibit and Sale- Fundraising event for Anam Narula (Check the page here)

Date: June 10, 2017

Time: 04:00PM to 7:00PM

Venue: Cafe JC’s, Sector 10-D

  • Stories for Anam | A Fundraiser (Check the page here)

Date: June 11, 2017

Time: 11:30AM to 2:30PM

Venue: Innov8 Coworking, Chandigarh

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