An Open Letter To The Not So Dear Chaar Log!

Not so Dear Chaar Log,
I have been thinking about writing to you since long. Long! like since I was 5 year old. But I never got that who actually you four people are. So, i am writing this letter to You, You, You and You.
You have been a major part of this “society” or “universe”. Generations after generations we have been facing the terror of YOUR judgement.
Like, grandpa, while quitting his business, dad, in his decision to stay a bachelor all his life and me inside this shimmery layer of waxy cuticle hiding those pale leaves inside. I fear!
Yes, i fear of what you will think about me if I confess my desires, my dad feared your pointing fingers on his musculanity and grandpa feared to be portrait as a bad father.
Take it as a warning in wrath or polite advice but your services are not required anymore and I am telling you (kindly note, not requesting) to take a final leave from wherever you exist, in our minds or our lives or our society.
It’s enough I had with you but now I am done. Believe me it’s not you it’s me, it’s sharma ji ka ladka and Gupta ji ka Pota and Verma ji ki beti who are not willing to stay with you Anymore. We all want to live, stay and slay so… whichever society hired you needs to retire you now.
I’ll take a leave now.
Hope, never see you again
Never call me yours.

About the Author:

Garima Khurana (PGGCG 42)

A girl who is in love with books and herself. Can be best described from her love for music and her guitar. 




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