An Open Letter To Terrorists!


Dear Terrorists,

ISIS or Al-Qaeda or whatsoever, your names do not really matter! Yes, quite just as a cancer is cancer, specifications like that of a liver or kidney do not matter in the least; because a cancer gone bad kills, no matter what kind it is. You are the same!


Either the patient falls prey to the disease, or the disease is killed. The same analogy goes for you. The only difference between you and a disease is that diseases probably shy away after a while, but you? You don’t. You love killing millions of innocent people just for the sake of your twisted ideologies, and take pride in being called a ‘Terrorist.’
Today, let me tell you that there is not a single reason, why you should be proud. Because your causes are not what causes are made of, and your means are not something, which we would call ‘means to an end.’ An end that is attained in mass slaughter of endless human beings does not deserve to be called one in fact.

I know that this may fall on deaf ears, or probably you don’t have ears for anything, other than your commander telling you how to unleash a suicide bomber’s jacket! But still, I will try and  put across a few points. This is a warning of sorts, so better hear me out!

For all those of your kind, who kill in the name of a religion, you are bloody fools. This has been said a gazillion times, but let me tell you once again, that no religion endorses killing your own kind, like you do. 

There is no god, who will grant you a paradise of sorts. If there exists hell, you probably won’t find yourself space there as well. You, dear terrorists, are a burden to the creation.

You want to kill? Go kill. But don’t come running to us, when we (all those who’ve lost their dear ones to your sheer stupidity) come running to slit your throats.

It was Paris, Brussels, Istanbul and today, you destroyed Dhaka. Your list is endless and ever growing like filthy weeds in a pond, that need to be wrenched out.

Let me remind you that there are more people that you’ve killed, than all of your kind combined together. Now imagine, the families of your victims coming together to slash your throats with butcher’s knives. Isn’t it a delightful sight? It is, I know.

But we won’t, because then, what is the difference between your worse than animal ways and our’s?

But, we won’t sit back and bear testimony to your bloody ballad. We will speak and tear you apart with words, and choke your bomb lined throat with our bare hands, until you give up on your sick ways.

We’ve grown up watching ‘Tom and Jerry,’  but we’ve also grown up watching you bombing places and wreaking havoc, as far as our memory can take us.

You’ve killed a million sisters, brothers, wives, sons, daughters and mothers. You have destroyed more than Shiva probably ever will. So, I have a question.

Will you let us kill your mother for the same cause you killed our’s?

The whole world is awaiting an answer.

Until then, a new day, a new city bombed by the same old trash-filled filthy minds. But we’re not going to wait for long. Yield, while you have the chance.

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Pavni Gaurangi

Pavni Gaurangi (MCM College 36)

Earthly and Altruistic , sprinkled with tiny hints of never ending enthusiasm. This author is prone to being gibberish at times yet forces the world to absorb her never ending sagas.


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