An Open Letter To Punjab; From – Mother India


Dearest Punjab,

I got to know about your illness, and I pray to Almighty for your speedy recovery. I am sure, that in some time soon, you will be back on track, active and completely fit. Dear son through this letter, I would help you to recall all that phases that you have passed successfully, and contributed to in the name of the nation.

With only 1.5 percent of the total geographical are, you have been contributing to 35-40% of rice and 45-70%  of the wheat to the central pool of the nation. You, my child, produce 1% of the world’s rice, 2% of the worlds wheat, from just a small fraction of land, that no one has done till now, except you my brave boy.

You have been a source of inspiration to the rest of the world. Popularly known as the Guru’s state, you have given birth to Bhagat Singh, Lala Lajpat Rai, Sukhdev Thapar and many more warriors who led to my freedom.  I have always looked at you with hope, as your warriors have made the nation proud at every possible way. Be it the six sixes of the Punjabi boy Yuvraj Singh, or the achievements of Kalpana Chawla, you have made us proud son. When I was attacked at Kargil, it was you on the frontier, along with your brothers, who saved my pride.

And now, your villages have no men left in them. The birth place of warriors now holds the record of more than 75% of its youth having been declared under the influence of drugs. In villages, which once were the homes of sportsmen like Milkha Singh, now each family is facing a drug addict.  Writing this gives me a cold shiver, my son, that you have destroyed the whole generation.

Farmers, the food providers, are themselves facing starvation issues, hence finding suicides as a better option for themselves. Female infanticide is still on rise, and people are still facing discrimination on the basis of the caste and state they belong – all this has affected your health.

Dear son, I hope you will make all efforts to get well and make me proud once again. I have no power left to see your poor condition, so please rise, introspect, and beat drugs and all the other stated aliments. I know my son is a warrior and can do anything for his mother’s pride.

Get well Soon.

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Aditya Sharma (GGDSD College 32)

Writing is an exploration. You start from nothing, and learn as you go! 
Hello, This is Aditya Sharma, a budding writer, who feels that words can be transformed into emotions and feelings. The pen possesses the power to change the world, and I believe in being a change! 

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