An Open letter by a Shimla-ite to the Visitors


Dear Visitors,

Being associated to the queen of hills, I always had so much to convey to the people, and so much to brag about! The simplicity, the ambience, cool climate, kindness, rich history of the city and specially the ghost stories of Shimla hills. Built on seven hills, land of God stands contradictory in every aspect of today’s life.

People reside on height yet seems down to earth. We don’t have big theatres, big malls but we do have 24 hour electricity, good primary education, good road connectivity and water supply. We may not have the highest GDP but we witness no fights for reservation, no caste politics, no support for terrorism, no hatred for outsiders, no naxalites , no religion bias (though Hindus hold extreme majority).

Probably we are not greedy people, no matter how strange or uncourteous we may look sometimes but haven’t ever seen any Shimlaite indulging in any extremism. We may not experience high class cars embracing our roads but we lack slum areas too. We belong to one of the youngest cities of India (with 83%  population below the age of 55) with the oldest history. Women are as free as anyone and the city observes no biasness. On a lighter note, females are reluctant to leave their houses in night, not petrified of some ill criminal mind but to avoid a whopping encouter with a wandering ghost or spirit. Not susceptible to illiteracy, it is famous for its schooling is open defecation free and have high technology waste management plants. Although it boasts of it’s exceptional beauty and large tourism industry, Shimla is considered among the most polluted hill stations of the country.


The beautiful city is continuously sinking due to unmanaged tourist crowd, bad management planning and earthquake proneness. Shimla is facing acute water shortage, the residents have barely any water to even drink. The life for locals is getting harder on daily basis. We not only have severe water shortage issues but at some places, sewage water is being supplied. Shimla might be one of your favourite destinations to visit in, during your vacations, but we are sorry to say that you are not only killing us but the city, itself. With many such issues, we are afraid to say that we might not be able to survive much longer. Your fun and frolic has become our pain and misery. We are not saying that you should never visit our dearest city, but try not to visit here for a few months, so that it can regain it’s strength and welcome you all like always.

It’s the high time to preserve the bounties of nature which we have been asphyxiating , strangulating and assassinating recklessly . The day we will open our eyes will be day when we will see a scorching sun over our head, lot of dust and fumes to deal with, and zombies like us to talk to. It’s the time to preserve the hills which we, even today, lastly resort to.

Save the hills. We don’t have any other planet to go to.

Thank you.

About the Author:

Vaishali Thakur (DAV 10, Guest Writer)

Once a shimlaite, always a shimlaite.


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