An Old School Teachers Day

The transition from school to college was huge, and changed not just a few things. The sudden “liberty” from all those school regulations, PT periods and that boring school uniform were such a welcome change that we forgot about the downside of it. The teachers. In college, professors treat us like the adults that we are, with a certain professionalism. But teachers from school? They were everything from our friends to confidantes in need. The bonding with them is something that all students treasure, probably even now.Keeping in with the spirit of Teacher’s Day, i decided to get in touch with my English teacher from class 8th, who I respect and cherish the most even today, and his reply made my day. Not just that, it also made me realise that such simple gestures on our behalf are like end of the year bonuses for teachers !
These are the teachers who saw you get over your fear of Maths, helped you win your first inter school debate, inspired you to write your very first poem, and probably even complained to your parents at the Parent Teachers Meeting ! They taught us, loved us, scolded us and even threatened us for being the “worst class ever”. But in the end, they loved us and shaped us into the people that we are. In the words of Alexander the Great, who had Aristotle as his teacher, “I am indebted to my father for living, but to my teacher for living well.” Such a teacher motivates you, pushes you and inspires you to reach for the skies. The best example to this would be coach P. Gopichand who instilled the confidence and motivation in Sindhu to achieve heights that she wasn’t even aware of.
So this teacher’s day, let us all spare a few moments to appreciate all that our teachers did for us and thank the stars for their infinite patience ! Get in touch with them, surprise them, and simply let them know, that their efforts haven’t all gone waste (hopefully!) 

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Aru Goel (BDS, PU Campus)

A dentist in the making at HSJ Institute. If I could make a fortune out of reading books, that’s what I’d be doing right now ! A die hard romantic at heart, huge foodie and dreamer of a thousand dreams… 


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