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I’m sure by now all of us are well aware about the setting in of CYSS which is the student wing of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in Panjab University. For those of you all who are not really sure as to what agenda this party follows and how would they go about in contributing towards the welfare of the University, here is a short review which I would like to bring to the fore after my conversation with Gursimrat Singh Randhawa who is a student of our University and also a representative of CYSS.

Chhatra Yuva Sangharsh Samitti (CYSS) is working under the guidance of Parminder Jaswal Goldy, the State President of the party. The party claims to strictly abide by the norms set by the Lyngdoh Committee for elections, although they do not plan to contest the elections this year. 
The party aims at changing the prevailing political scenario and also to work hard for student welfare. By far, the party has been successful in getting a positive response from the students and they have been appreciated much for the work that they have been doing. The student representatives were seen helping the freshers enthusiastically with their admission proceedings. The party claims at taking note of the issues and problems of the students that remain unaddressed by the other active student organisations in the campus.
The party warmly welcomes freshers and promises to make the campus even better.
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