Amritsar Witnesses a Blood Donation camp at SGRD Medical College and Hospital


If you could help save a life, with minimal effort of your own, why would you say no to such a noble cause. For those of us who want to do their bit but the humdrum student life and meagre pocket money to sustain on makes it difficult, blood donation provides the satisfaction of giving.

SGRD Medical College and Hospital, Amritsar organised a blood donation camp on February 8, from 9am to 3pm. Students, teachers and volunteers from all over Amritsar district came forward to give their share of this gift of life.

The preparation for the camp started days prior when Akansha and Apoorva (final year professors) travelled from. classroom to. classroom to share their presentation on blood donation and collect names of volunteers. Posters and bus timings were sent to other colleges of Amritsar. On the day of event, the camp started at 9 am sharp with the staff ready to tackle the day. Blood haemoglobin was being checked for free for those willing to donate and a person with blood haemoglobin of 11.5 and above and body weight above 50 was allowed to donate one unit of blood. People were then required to fill a form that assessed the risk factors and helped make sure that blood donation was safe for both you and your receiver. Forming filing was then followed by comfortably lieing on the recliner. A fresh bag with untouched needle was given to the person, that’s when the real blood donation takes place. After screening one’s blood for HIV, syphilis and HbV, the persons are given refreshments which you can have while resting. People were also facilitated with a certificate and trophy for being blood donors and life savers. Yet the feeling of satisfaction on donating blood is above everything.

The students also performed a small hilarious yet informative nukar natak or skit thrice at various places in the hospital and college educating about blood donation and cancer awareness on account of the world cancer day observed on January 4. The crowds collected received the play well and were convinced to donate blood.

Madam Ms. Richa Thaman from physiology department applauded the children on their convincing performance and efforts and hoped the camp was a success. Saniya Kapila (final year professor) from the organising committee says the she is proud of her team as well as all volunteers who came forward in high spirits. Their team would like to organise more social projects in future.

Donor Manaspreet Singh from new final says “It gives a sense of pride and satisfaction to donate blood. With only 10% of your blood, which you would renew within 1-3 months, you would be saving three lives. One unit blood is separated into 3 components, plasma, rbc and platelets and can save 3 diff lives. According to me, every healthy adult above 18 years should donate blood.

In the end, the camp was a very successful event and encouraged people to donate blood.


Note from the writer: Every healthy adult can donate once after 3 months prerequisite includes abstaining from alcohol and certain medications for 72 hours prior donation and heavy exercise or weight lifting for 24 hours after donation. There is no weakness, you get a free screening for viral markers and it helps you to lose weight too. Be a part of something good. Rakt daan maha daan, donate the precious drops of life.

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Amolpreet Kaur (SGRD Medical College and Hospital, Amritsar)
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