Amitabh Bachchan Inspiration Behind Demonetization Of Currency


Narendra Modi recently played the trump card, by demonetizing the 500 and 1000 currency notes. According to our confidential sources, it has been proven that the driving impetus behind this historical move in the economic history of India is none other than the legendary actor, Amitabh Bachchan.

In a recent gig with our media correspondent, Mrs. Sabha, a close associate of Mr. Bachchan exclaimed that, “Mr. Modi was highly influenced by the movie ‘Pink’. Besides the abundance of female tragedy in the country, the movie also carried a hidden meaning of corruption and black money beneath the subtle layers of maladies affecting our society. So, the honorable Prime Minister decided to modify the currency notes in a shade of pink. This is a great step forward for the economy of India.”

Mr. Bachchan and other hot-stars of the Bollywood industry are truly touched by staunch efforts of our Prime Minister, Mr. Narandra Modi to eradicate corruption in the filmy way.

Disclaimer– Do not believe us on #FakingNews, it is our own way of starting a rumor with some believably fake news.

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Bhavya Gaind  (SD College 32)

Bhavya Gaind
(SD College 32)

A stout believer of the doctrine of karma, and definitely an optimist. Bhavya suffers from a childhood syndrome, of laughing at serious situations and the same translates in her writings in the form of disastrous wit. Food, music and books are the definition of immense happiness.


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