Amidst The Snapchat Controversy, PU Students Decide To Boycott Economics After Economist Refers India As Poor

The recent statement by Snapchat CEO, Evan Spiegel claiming that he was not interested in expanding his business in ‘poor countries’ like India, has led to a serious arguments and controversy across the country. While discussing expansion plans in a meeting allegedly dismissed an employee’s concern of the slow growth rate of the app in India, stating that the app was only meant for ‘rich people’, he said “I don’t want to expand it into poor countries like India and Spain”.
Such abrupt statement has sparked the fire of patriotism amongst many Indians who decided to uninstall the application, and degrade its rating on Play store. However, this patriotism reached its peak when a student of Panjab University took offence after reading a statement in her macro-economic book, which referred India as a poor country. This led to protests by the students and even some teachers across the University who decided to boycott the subject.
Divya Batra, a student of M.A. Economics said, “While the Snapchat CEO insulted our nation by calling India a poor country, I truly believe that he must be unaware of our high gold reserves and accelerating Gross Domestic Product over the years. However, coming this from an economist who is well aware of the economic standing of the country and has written the academic books comes as unbelievable. I have decided to boycott the subject. After all, my love for the country is above all.
One of the members of the student council, Pappu Singh said, “I am really disheartened to hear such abrupt comments about my country. India is not only a rich country in terms of money, but its diverse culture and heritage also speaks of splendor. So, we the students of Panjab University have decided to protest against such disregard to the nation. With this, I would like to request you all to spread the word especially on social media portals like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Join us all in this fight for the nation.
According to sources, some senior professors, celebrities and politicians are also going to join in for this protest.
Disclaimer: Bogus Bulletin is our own way of starting with some believably fake news. Go grab your economics book and start preparing. Exams are near, mate!

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Bhavya Gaind (SD College 32)

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