Am I watching them for the last time?


Again heard some footsteps

Reaching upstairs to take a nap,

However I didn’t know who he was.

To know more about him is what I used to wish,

He was our new paying guest;

Don’t ask much about him , what my dad warned,

He was in his early 20s, his looks suggested;

Looks like my elder brother what I imagined a lot!

I never talked to him,

But he was of humble nature how it seemed,

Before going at bed to sleep,

He always wrote in a diary and listened to its page making sounds of flip.

His mysterious eyes  revealed only happiness;

All the time what I used to witness.

Every time it rained,

He enjoyed to its abound what he used to claim,

As the little child engages himself within his toy;

The same very way he remained busy and enjoyed,

He was having a behaviour of socialising with others;

Every Sunday, in his room he made the neighbours to gather,

I had started watching his cheerfulness gradually,

He was living his life to the fullest, yet simple.

Often I had seen, putting cut marks on the dates of his calendar,

Might be he was in the habit of using it for reminder.

Every time I saw his face

A glimpse of smile remained there with a slow pace,

Often he surrounded himself with the crowd of books;

Not reading theirs but telling his own stories to them,

His delightedness could be seen

Every time he watched sunrise of morning or sparkling light of moon,

Dusk was meant for sparrows,

They sat and shared their secrets and sorrow.

Wow! His life is so perfect and tranquil;

I used to exclaim until I found a dark truth which meant to be plain,

Only few days are left ,  my mom said to my aunt in piteous voice.

Few days are left! Left for what?

– For his life

He was in his solace;

But every moment he was fighting with his disease.

Yes ! He was suffering from Leukaemia, what I got to know,

My body got some shook-up and I would have been said thousands times Nooo!

How could God curse such a true soul?

Then I started connecting every string and they provided me right place to fall,

I had started digging the mystery behind those eyes;

Now, I got to know about cutting of dates on calendar for him which says how time flies,

Every time he stands beneath the golden sun,

His mind roam and eyes gets numb,

My brain started inferring answer to my every question,

How does it feel when you know the life will soon become an illusion,

Only few days are left , he will soon

leave this room,

leave this dusk,

leave this dawn,

leave every book witnessing his stories,

leave this world,

Though everyday lost sparrows comes to his room’s window

But sorrowfully found only silence, now there is no glow.

Every time zephyr knocks and makes soothing sound at his window,

Hopelessly they depart as now there is no one, not even a shadow,

It has been an year since he has left this world, he left us;

Must be resting in heaven, what I guess,

Even though he had gone,

But many life lessons I got to learn.

Indeed he never showed his pain

But made everyone happy, he was like that jolly and brave man.

I still remember the day when,

His every glance to sunset, to birds, to moon, to gusty winds screamed only one line,

Am I watching them for the last time?

 About the author:

Pallavi Mourya- Gargi College, DU


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