Always-checking-the-phone syndrome


“We hear from our ears, not eyes.


Heartfelt gratefulness to Martin Cooper for inventing our best friend, the mobile phone. After all, it is our time saver angel and everything-on-the-go buddy!

Sometime back, I happened to go for a family dinner. Fifty minutes and three thousand bucks later, all I could see around was people who very constantly attending to something tectonically important on their mobile phones, rather than the luscious meal on their tables.

Have you had those meetings which are imagined to be oh-so-lovely, but turn out to be a mess? No, no I don’t mean to refer to those blind dates in which the girl is not slightest as pretty as her Instagram picture.
I am talking about those meetings, in which a group of friends plan a get together but they get together just physically, because mentally they are busy on their trin-trin monster!

You see, we all have one, or if we are god’s lucky child, many more acquaintances and friends who have their mobile phones surgically attached to their hands. Such cut-and-dried people are available in all sizes, colors, shapes and gender. To annex more stress to the arena, is applications like Snapchat. I mean, no one cares if you’re having an aloo-bhujia or your dog is not having a good hair day!
Another facet of the people suffering from the weighty habit afore textual syndrome and phone problem is when their eyes, and obviously thumbs are unvaryingly moving on their phone and they tell you to speak, to keep talking, arguing that we hear from our ears and not eyes.

To “dheeth” people like these, just send a text saying, “Hi, a human being is sitting here in front of you competing for attention with the technological gadget in your hand.”
Come on, tell me hand-on-heart if you would be on the receiving end wouldn’t you feel any worse?
Reminiscing those days, when all we had were landlines and it was absolutely fine and the world didn’t come to an end if everyone was not always connected with everyone else.
I hope that the next time you go out you’ll discard your horrible metal friend, rather than discarding the people around.
Well, as an avid reader did you just notice that the weighty habit afore textual syndrome and phone problem was a self-made abbreviation  for Whatsapp? Anyways, I have to leave before Jan Koum starts looking for me. And guess what? I just managed to hack my sadhu neighbour’s wifi password. Voila! Now this is something to Snapchat.

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