“So what do you do?” “I am pursuing law.” “Oh well then I have a free legal consultant and a lawyer for life”. We all come across such people a lot of times while in our law school and even after that. Our non-law friends and acquaintances have a totally different perspective about us. We are looked upon as literary Einstein. Hah! The huge pile of Bare Acts and heavy law books make everyone think of us as nerds. 

The truth being that we bang our heads in the process of cramming those Articles, Sections, Acts and what not. Phew! Wearing that black suit and the crisp white shirt make us feel on the top of the legal world. We already see ourselves as successful lawyers. In a law school, it is tough to avoid reading. A lawyer in the making has to read a lot. Not just the syllabus but also the cases, amendments, articles, moot propositions, texts and the list can go on and on. So yes, we have a lot to study but who says we cannot bunk. We, during our five years discover a lot of places to hangout or “chill”, ample of places to get doped up with friends. And the best thing is that our parents think that all we do is study! We have our moot competitions in Goa and educational party trips in kasol.  Sure we do study our ass off but we know that a little party never killed anyone. Well, we brag a lot about interning at the legal firms and those government organizations but we know it that all we do is make copies and sit in the comfortable air conditioned offices. But on the other hand, we learn a lot too. Who says lawyers are very hard working? We are big time procrastinators. We love resting and chilling’. Remember those projects and presentations at the end of the semester? Our lives revolve around our classes, moots, parliamentary debates, politics, internships, law fests and of course joints! You see, we law students are a “joint family”.  So basically, the life of a law student is pretty much like a roller coaster ride. And we love it. 🙂


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Stuti Goel

Stuti Goel (UILS, PU)

Just a girl next door. I am a law student from UILS, Panjab University. A fashion enthusiast. Reading and writing interests me


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