All you need to know about Vitamin D


Vitamin D also known as sunshine Vitamin. It is used by the skeletal muscle bone and immune cells. It is a powerful nutrient and a lot of us would benefit from it. It is also believed that vitamin D also works as lip soluble, which means being deficit in vitamin D can create a barrier in weight loss. It is estimated that over 50 percent of the world population is vitamin D deficit, even though most of us have an access to the sun’s powerful rays.


Dangers of being vitamin D deficit:


  • Stress fractures: Being deficit in vitamin D leads to degeneration of the bones, this can lead to stress fractures especially in the case of females, athletes and elderly people.


  • Laziness: D deficiency could make you feel sluggish, depressed and might leave you with overall fatigue and heaviness this can lead weight gain insomnia.


  • Slow muscle recovery: Deficit in vitamin D can also hamper your muscle recovery especially on hectic days. If you train hard you are prone to injuries, you must supplement Vitamin D once a year. This can reduce your risk of injuries, but not eliminate the risk and getting more won’t give you any additional benefits.


In a nutshell Vitamin D is as important as any other protein/Vitamin, so don’t ignore and get to work, if you are Vitamin D deficient.

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