All The World’s a Stage: An Insight into the Sarv Saksham Theater Group


Theater was created to tell the truth about life and needless to say, the staunch efforts of Sarv Saksham group stand testament to the same. While the first step is the hardest, as they say, it is the second step that decides the course of the journey. In the last two years, a group of young enthusiasts who believed in the power of art laid the foundation stone of Sarv Saksham and their successors have been working effortlessly to surpass their own set benchmarks. It was Haardik Puran Gabbi, Anmolpreet Singh, Palka Sodhi and Bhavdeep Romana who decided to trust their instincts and took the first step towards providing a platform to the students of GGDSD College, Sector 32.

From the early morning vigorous practice sessions to the late evening rehearsals, Sarv Saksham has carved a niche with a soul of fire & zeal, which is well groomed to never give up. With every word, every action and every energy that goes straight to the heart, their plays have successfully put Chandigarh on the map of regional theater.

A dream does not turn into reality with magic, it takes team spirit, hard work, perseverance and an indomitable will to make wonders happen, and this could not be possible without the proficient guidance of Ryan Rodrigues and Manpreet Singh, the Joint Presidents, Himanshu Lambra, the Vice-President and the forty-member team of Sarv Saksham. They firmly believe in the beauty of art and have been triumphant in pulling both niche and mainstream viewers to the theaters. So, we speak to them to get a better insight into the most active theater group of Chandigarh.

Manpreet Singh (Left) and Ryan Rodrigues (Right)

Manpreet Singh (Left) and Ryan Rodrigues (Right)

Q. What is the basic motive behind Sarv Saksham?
Answering this question, Ryan Rodrigues says, “We believe in promoting different forms of art by not only teaching our juniors how to act, but also to understand the emotions. Emotions, after-all, make us human and as a theater artist, we must learn to master our emotions. At Sarv Saksham, we believe in growing as individuals and make this world a better place to live in.”

Q. What do you think makes theater different from films?
Manpreet takes his turn to answer, ” Someone has rightly said, ‘Camera is for directors but theater is for actors.’ The journey of preparation is vastly different and theater is more of a projection of emotions in front of a live audience.” 

Q. How long do you practice to give the best of your performance?
“We have a very dedicated team who always strive to give its 100%. From preparing our monologues to writing our scripts, acting, and singing to even preparing our enormous sets, everything is done by these set of enthusiastic individuals. And needless to say, it does not happen in the blink of an eye. We work around the clock to make that happen.” , says Ryan, giving a sneak-peek into the amount of efforts they have been putting in to sustain the theater artistry in Chandigarh.

Sarv-Saksham Member: On Stage During a Performance

Sarv-Saksham Member: On Stage During a Performance

Now that it gets us curious to delve deeper into the case, we shoot questions one after the other while the torch-bearers of Sarv-Saksham process the reality into words.

Q. Who has been your source of inspiration from the industry?
“We get inspired from the people we see. Whether that is a famous actor or a layman on the street. This is something that theater has taught us. Still if I need to answer this question, I’d say that artists like Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Manoj Bajpayee, Daniel Day Lewis and Christoph Walts are a few actors to name who have inspired us to stay true to our art.”, answers Manpreet.

Q. Who has been the binding force of Sarv Saksham?
Ryan acknowledges the constant support of the founders to say, “Sarv Saksham would be nothing but a name if it hadn’t been for our seniors, Haardik Puran Gabbi, Anmolpreet Singh, Palka Sodhi and Bhavdeep Romana. They have not only taught us the basics of acting, but also to judge the depth of an individual being.”

Q. How do you select topics for your performances?
“We usually don’t go for the mainstream topics, rather we try to pick up issues that help in bringing a change in the society and even inspires an individual being.”, says Manpreet, throwing light upon the idea of revolutionizing that strengthens Sarv-Saksham.

Q. Why did you personally choose theater? Do you wish to pursue this talent further in life?
We ask Ryan and he answers, “I wasn’t inclined to theater from the initial days. I was more interested in camera & its direction. I joined Sarv Saksham just for experience and later, I found that I’ve gained a lot as a person and it has changed my perspective towards life.”

We finally touch upon their action plan for the upcoming session and here is how it goes,

Q. With the new session commencement being around the corner, what are the three basic principles that you keep an eye on while selecting someone for being a part of Sarv Saksham?
Manpreet answers, “We never look for a good actor during the selection process. Instead, we look for a person who is dedicated, punctual and ready to learn the essence of the art created.”

Q. One final message for the readers.
“I believe performing outside the college is something that has never been done by any other theater group. Therefore, we would love your support in this initiative that has been taken by us.” Thus we conclude the interaction with Ryan’s answer.

“As they say, theater washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life, I believe that there is no better way to groom ourselves than theater. Sarv Saksham has the power to elucidate art and we all as a team strive to succeed in doing the same.” says Himanshu Lambra, Vice-President. 

Within the last one year, Sarv Saksham has bagged many prizes in various colleges as well as at the Panjab University Youth Festival. The team has reached inter-zonal in the youth festivals and even bagged the 3rd prize in Mime and Bhand. Their upcoming performance Artminals: Artists or Criminals? is something that you cannot afford to miss. Anything becomes attractive when mystery is an ingredient, and this comedy play which will be staged in St Stephen’s School, Sector 45-B on Friday, July 28 at 5:15 PM, is definitely going to be worth it.

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