Alert Today, Alive Tomorrow- Road Safety Awareness Program Takes Place in GGDSD College


The avid volunteers of Spirit India, GGDSD College Chandigarh working under the aegis of NGO Aavhan organized a road awareness program on November 16, 2017, in the college premises. The event was coordinated and organized under the able guidance of Mrs. Meera Sharma, the President of Spirit India.

It began with a documentary regarding basic safety rules- like the possession of a driver’s license, wearing seat belts, and other imperative information one must be aware of. Following this Chief Traffic Marshal Retd. Wing Commander C.S. Grewal took the stage and talked about how we are becoming desensitized to deaths, and hence are unaffected by them. The figures relating to road accidents and deaths were touched upon-over 400 deaths occur in India due to road accidents every day- emphasizing the fact that a slight mistake on the road can have devastating consequences.After this, a video was showcased, highlighting the myriad causes the organization has undertaken- furthered by organizing events like patriotic drives, skits, street plays, etc.

Marshal also reiterated that most accidents today occur due to jumping of red lights, and advised students not to do so. He also spoke of pedestrian casualties and followed that up with tips to avoid incurring harm- familiarizing the students with the 6-step crossing code. ‘Helmets’ are another important issue that needs to be addressed- the importance of buying only ISI marked helmets was stressed- and a host of survey data was brought to light.He then cited incidents where people had lost their lives due to sheer carelessness, on the unforgiving road. Certain myths and misconceptions about traffic rules were also debunked in the process.

“About 98% road accidents are avoidable, the others occur due to things like sudden illness of the driver- factors that cannot be controlled,” he announced to the utter shock of the audience.

CCTV footages of some particularly gruesome accidents were then aired, to hone in the point further. The gasps and cries that came up, conveyed the effectiveness of the witnessing firsthand, the consequences of missteps on the road.

“This is the only life you have, don’t risk it unnecessarily,” he concluded.

To break the monotony, an interactive session was held subsequently- he posed questions to students relating to his lecture to gauge how much they had taken in, and upon answering correctly they were presented with awards from the Chandigarh Traffic Police.

Head Constable Bhupinder Singh held the audience spellbound with his self-composed songs in which he wove grim tales of the consequences of driving recklessly. Several of them were inspired by real-life incidents he’d witnessed and touched a chord with the students.

The highlight of the day was a skit put together and enacted by the traffic marshals, named “Paigam”. It beautifully, along with elements of humor to cater to its audience, depicting the various ways humans violate traffic rules. It wrapped up by stressing the value of human life and received a standing ovation from everyone in attendance.

The Chief Guest then addressed the crowd and targeted the lifestyle of the youth by talking about their hopes and dreams and how they wouldn’t be able to achieve them if they put their lives on the line while disobeying traffic rules. Principal Bhushan K. Sharma also talked along the same vein and appreciated the efforts put in by everybody who’d worked to ensure that the event was a success.

Concluding the afternoon, Mrs. Meera Sharma extended her heartfelt gratitude towards the Chandigarh Traffic Police department for partaking in such a noble cause and conveying their message effectively and thoroughly.

The students whole-heartedly participated in the drive which succeeded in its purpose- the need of the hour is to enlighten the populace about the perils of not following road safety rules, and the risks it poses.

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