Al-Lazeezo: A Charcoal Grill Bistro


With dozens of cafés and food outlets in Chandigarh, Sector 36-Dhas has got an Arabic style cafe, Al-lazeezo,  with a fusion of middle east taste, serving some lip-smacking Mediterranean food. 

The aura of the place and the celestial ambiance combined with Saudi tunes are worth mentioning. It actually feels like you have stepped into some place in Dubai. The place is small but it provides a comfortable sitting and accommodates around 30-35 people at a time. The cafe also possesses a book corner and the best part is that this place doesn’t require you to order something if you are studying there (Bonus Point for students!).

The cafe has a student-friendly menu which doesn’t weigh much on your wallet. The outdoor seating proves to be a blessing in disguise.
Getting over the monotonous delicacies served everywhere, this place serves delectable Turkish food. It is the only café which has a 100% customisable menu where you can pick and choose your fillings and flavors. All the dishes are commendable in terms of taste and presentation is equally spectacular. It offers a delicious range of oriental food (Both Veg. & Non-Veg.). And hey, they serve lamb too!
Here is a little something about the two most popular dishes at Al-lazeezo:-
Charcoal Chicken (₹199)
A savory-juicy chicken served along with self-baked pita bread, pickled vegetables, and tahini sauce.You can ask for your choice as well, but tahini just completes the dish! 
(Tahini is an oriental sauce)
Falafel Kebab Plater (₹159)
A luscious mouth-watering kebab platter serves you ground chickpeas with garlic kebabs, potato wedges, and pita bread, with the dip of your choosing (It goes best with Baba Ghanoush and Hummus).
They have an exclusive range of oriental sauces.
•Baba Ganoush
(A must try)
Serving you a gratifying range of tisanes, you get a different range of herbal teas. My personal favorite is strawberry infused hibiscus tea.
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So, if you are planning to dine in with your friends at a place that serves you something exclusive without weighing much on your pocket, this place is for you folks!

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