‘Akbar’ Stirs University As A Prelude To CLF’16


Revealing a bit of what Chandigarh Literature Festival 2016 will bring in its wake, Adab Foundation turned more than successful to stir the intellectual minds with the discussion on the book, ‘Akbar’ on November 5th, 2016 in Panjab University. Introduced by Mitul Dikshit (Chairman, Adab Foundation), the author Shazi Zaman took no time to get into the comfort zone in conversation with Editor Satyanand Nirupam.

Touching upon various facets, the discussion smoothly moved from how the information was sought for the book ‘Akbar’, to the importance of understanding psychology of this Mughal Emperor and further to the most famous historical creation of Mughal time, ‘Akbar-E-Nama‘.

Photo-Credit: Apoorva (Dept. of English, PU Campus)

Photo-Credit: Apoorva (Dept. of English, PU Campus)

With the questions of the editor opening up different pages behind the completion of ‘Akbar’, the answers by Shazi Zaman showed how book-writing is more than just penning down on blank sheets. Speaking on the same, the author told the audience how history ‘shows facts but not psychology (manostithi)’. With the picture of Jalal-Ud-Din Mohammad flashing at the back-screen, he spoke that it was important for him to make an image of Akbar in mind, to give substance to it later. He went to human anatomy specialist in Oxford and researched a lot on Mughal pictures before framing any idea about Akbar.

When asked how Raj Kapoor as Akbar in the movie ‘Mughal-E-Azam’ differed from the real Akbar, Shazi Zaman was quick to respond that in order to stay aloof from the impression of any imaginative incident as the movies/serials may cast upon, he did not watch even a single flick related to Akbar (except ‘Mughal-E-Azam’).

In discussion with the editor(s), the author also put emphasis on the calligraphic skills of the emperors back then and hinted that this emperor considered greatest of all might had suffered from bipolar disorder and dyslexia. The further discussions included that on his religious views, failure of Din-I-Illahi, ‘Akbar-E-Nama’ and much more.

For all the information that a candid discussion with Shazi Zaman put forth about ‘Akbar’, a token by Mitul Dikshit was the most appropriate end. However, Chandigarh Literature Festival 2016 is destined to make the literary discussions stir the city in a much powerful wave from November 10th to November 13th.


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