Airplane Poetry Movement @MCM


Gleamy lights. Sun rays peeking through the window. Sufi music. And poetry.
This is what the ambience of a happy afternoon felt like.
Young poets from MCM DAV College, Sector 36, Chandigarh, came together to recite and witness spellbinding poetry at the intracollege Airplane Poetry Slam held on the 5th of November, 2015 in the college premises.
The recital was a part of the Slambassador Program, an internship by Airplane Poetry Movement, a Pune based organisation that conducts poetry slams all across the country.  It was the first step in choosing a poet who will represent the college in the national round in January.
The aim of the event was to fill the college with a warm, delightful poetic afternoon. True to its purpose, the occasion witnessed some brilliant content and performances.
The event opened with the college’s APM Representative, Samreen Chhabra (B.A.1) giving an introduction to slams and conducting an ice breaking session to make the audience feel comfortable.

The second half of the event saw the poets go up on stage and perform their works. The poetry recited ranged from abstract, metaphysical concepts like dreams and love to practical, social issues like domestic violence.

Avleen Kaur Lamba (B.A.3) with her poem on ‘Beauty‘ was declared the winner of the slam by a panel of judges.  The slam was a heady amalgamation of art, fun and joy.


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