Ain’t No Hood Like Motherhood

Mother, a pure word on this earth after God. Motherhood, a feeling that most women experience in their lives. The feeling of being called a mother is indescribable but can just be felt. 
The moment, a woman is aware of becoming a mother, she faces a new phase with a different level of excitement and joy that has arrived in her life. Since that very day, she starts loving the unborn baby endlessly and caring immensely. Maybe, this is the reason that it is said “love is blind” as a mother without seeing or knowing the gender of the baby falls in love with her baby and that too so deeply that a minor mistake worries manifolds.
Motherhood is said to be one of the difficult stages of any woman’s life as she has to bear her own wishes as against the others. Even after giving the birth to the child, her sacrifice is not yet over but the list is too long to be able to reveal. She needs to strike a perfect fit among the entire family along with the kid and even her work life. This is a kind of an examination that a mother has to undergo in order to decide a future for her child, whom she kept in her womb for 9 long months and gave birth, brought him in this life sacrificing her dreams and wishes and enabling him/her to be a part of this wonderful planet.
She is the one who needs to keep a balance between her own life as well as the child’s life while he is in her womb.  After the birth too, she needs to take a good care of her child devoting quality of value time for their future. She, at every point of time, thinks about her child than about her own self. She is the only form of “selfless person”. The timeline of motherhood for any woman on this earth would be one of the most memorable and wonderful period where she is living but not only for herself but also for the child in her womb.
 A mother is not just a small word to be spoken up quickly but has too deep meanings for everyone in their life. The only difference could be, that some may express their feelings and some are not able to do so. Expressed by saying is not essential. A small smile in her happiness, offering the shoulder on her grief and such small acts also make a lot of difference for her in her life.  People are not able to understand others, which is one of the main reasons for the families that are occurring nowadays. Therefore, try avoiding misunderstandings and being and loving the ones who do the same blindly and endlessly for you.

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Dikshita Garg (MCM DAV 36)


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