AIFF 2018: Plethora Of Talents Under An Umbrella


Tri-city witnessed  its first amnesty international Filmfare festival in sector 10 government museum and art gallery. The event commenced around 10:30 with a minor introduction about the event and then

Asmita Basu talked about the importance of the youth in today’s event. She further talked about the organization how it is fighting for human rights in 150 countries and gave a special mention to Panjab for being the strongest supporters. She further went on saying  – “  Cinema plays a very  important role in today’s life. It has the ability to connect the most desolate of hearts and give them hope, direction and new meaning in life. I appreciate the  work of young filmmakers using this powerful medium to speak their voice for rights.“

Next we had a conversation of Sanam Sutirath Wazir with Savita Bhatti talking about the various aspects of society at large. Talking to us Mrs. Bharti said – “How little of a importance we give to comedy, but it gives a good knack  with which we can address major social issues. We have our own torch of goodness and passion which is innate and some of us would never let that go.” She further also talked about how she did not needed a mentor with her husband (with tears in her eyes)  always being there for her at every moment. Mr Bharti was being the first commedist ever to be awarded the Padma Bhushan award. Giving an advice to the young people of the country she said – “ we should have the ability to laugh at oneself, we usually take ourselves so seriously. It is so easy to laugh on others and so hard to laugh on ourselves.”

Next there was movie shown in remembrance of Mr. Jaspaal made by his son. ‘The story of a story’  which made everyone cry. With this we commenced to the 14 entries which were selected from 700 film entries all across the globe. The selected entries were!

Unknown Artist by Fazila Amiri 

The movie “Unknown Artist” has been directed by Fazila Amri, an Afghan-Canadian director and screenwriter . The movie is about a 17-year-old child bride, whose only reprieve from her toxic, abusive relationship is writing and singing her poetry at the only women’s radio station in the city of Jalalabad, Afghanistan.

This is my love song for you by Neckson Cheng

A short film about love. If love is unconditional then to be able to love openly must be a given. Yet, somehow, this expression of love eludes many only because who they love is not dominantly consider acceptable.

This story is especially relevant given the Indian Judiciary has just declared Art 377 (A) unconstitutional but singapore still holds this archaic laws.

Being Smart by Vivek Jain

Vivek Jain’s being smart was previously screen at the Cardiff Film Festival. The film tries to convey the hardships that befell people of Biyabani in Indore, where large scale demolition was carried out on the pretext of the “smart city” project.

Marriage Market by Vijay Kumar

Marriage Market is the creative work of Vijay Kumar from State Institute of Film and TV, Rohtak.

The movie talks about the practice of trafficking and selling brides in Haryana. The Marriage Bazaar is explained through the prism of gender, class as well as caste.

There was an interval between the movies in which a conversation took place between Asmita Basu with Shalini Deoà, talking about women rights, threat of violence maintains inequality and many other controversial issues. A general discussion also took place from which some of the key points that came out were,  we as people have no awareness on human rights. Why aren’t men allowed to grow up in their own way, Allowed to cry? We should strive to put an end to the injustices caused and say no to violence. The place where we are is exactly the environment we need for a better world.

The movies continued as follows

Avalum Avanum by Cinrella Mary (L.V Prasad Film and TV Academy, Chennai)

In a Heteronormative world, our perspectives and gender pronouns are limited to “he” and “she”. This movie questions this binary through first hand accounts from the Transgender community. It highlights their plight as well as problems of social acceptance that the community faces

Meeraas by Saurabh Thakur

A victim of domestic violence could not find the courage to speak out against the abuse she endured. But when the same fate looms on her daughter, will she turn a blind eye or will she find the courage she could not find for herself?

Far from Home by Burak Kum

The movie has been directed by Burak Kum from Turkey.

Escaped from war, a young girl tries to sell handkerchiefs in an urban crowded city that is caught up in its daily routines, completely oblivious to the realities of war. In a moment of realisation, a woman recognises the pain and sufferings of the girl. Will she be motivated to help her?

15 August by Anil Kumar Salve

“15th August” which is India’s independence day is a story that reflects the struggles of the economically underprivileged and the social stigma attached to some of their professions, which in this case, is sex work.

The award ceremony then took place. Awards were given by Mrs Samita, Mr. Sanam and  Dhananjay Chauhan( an active transgender student working for the rights of transgender in Panjab university and all over Chandigarh)

The best story was awarded to Avalum Avanum and The unknown artist

The event was concluded with a vote of thanks given by Padma where special mention was given to  L.P.U , C.U, Panjab university, Panjabi university and Chitkara university

All and all it was an event which literally made your emotions squeal for human rights and made us realize the importance of cinema.

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Debashish Bindra (DAV College 10)

A work in progress, interests are very diverse, serving humanity is the topmost goal of my life.



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