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AIESEC, Chandigarh organised the Youth Speaking  Forum; a motivational – cum- entrepreneurial speak session on April 22, 2018, at Chitkara International School, Sector – 25, Chandigarh. The only motto was Deprogramming the human mind shifting the conventional paradigm. 

Youth speak forum is a premier platform, where speakers from a diverse walk of life come together, and  share ideas, thoughts and experiences. The event kick-started at 10:30 am with powerful and plausible words by Ms. Harnidh Kaur, a poet and author voicing her opinions to highlight the role of technology and society regarding the state of women and how it can be improved targeting at the recent sin, that happened with 8-Year old minor namely, ‘Aasifa’ questioning the judiciary and the media for acting puerile in her context.

The founder of happiness club,  Mrs. Vyas Ravani shared her technique of deprogramming and reprogramming the mind to enable tackle the thoughts to be implemented and thoughts, that should not be cared off in context of pros and cons. Aligned by the panel discussion on How our bit affects the community #specifically ‘women-safety.’ Mr. Vivek Atray; former IAS officer, Mr. Vineet Panchhi; Voice actor and filmmaker,  Mr. Summer Walia, Mr karan bajaj and Mrs. Vyas hired the event as panellist.

To rejuvenate the crowd, a young sensational indie singer ‘Saby’ transformed the energy to the supreme level by his own self-written songs depicting the true stories of his life in raw form. The audience were served  refreshments later wards.

Further, the  event continued with scintillating workshops and talk by Mr. Vineet Panchhi targeting the power of self analysis and self affirmation of your dreams to achieve them and live them and why to act mature is not the need of life to be live happily. Adjoined by another panel discussions that are sure to get the wheels in your head turning on Career versus passion.

Last but not the least speaker of the YSF was Mr. Adhitya Iyer,  an author, a public speaker and writer who was addressing “The obsession of engineering in India” where he shared his own life experience worth spreading. Also there was a workshop by Mrs. Vyas on detoxing your negative emotions, where they’d given chance to the spectators to poll in their opinions on the topic and ask questions if so required by them.

The event concluded on a good note by the AIESECers briefing everybody about the organization. Then a bit of jives that’s the part of  AIESEC culture.

Vrinda, an AIESECer and the organising committee member shared her experience, quoting “Organizing the event has been a rollercoaster and a really intense experience. We’ve put in months of hard work into this, and were really happy with the response from the audience. We wish to see the same level of enthusiasm from the tri-city’s youth, in the events that follow.

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