AIDS Awareness In PGGC 11


Post Graduate Government College, Sector-11, Chandigarh, was a witness recently to an oath taking ceremony, conducted by the AIDS Awareness Society of the college. Students participated actively, also forming together a human chain of the iconic AIDS symbol, the ribbon. Banners educating and encouraging students towards healthy practices were held up and the oath o acting as responsible citizen, working as a holistic and self reprising community was recited out aloud in unison by all the individuals present.


A good initiative by the AIDS society of the college, the ironical fact observed was that, such awareness events in the college are rare. These tend to pop up randomly, after long intervals. Thus the students and teachers are caught unaware, and often end up doing it for the sake of it, which leads to dampening the sole spirit of such ventures. A more stable yearly planning of such events, a proper method of informing all the students days prior to thge program and regular meetings of the society shall play an efficient role in boosting the awareness process of a young community as a whole.


Kudos to the youth’s enthusiasm and teacher’s initiative. More events of such fashion are eagerly expected for the bigger good.

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