AGAAZ 2015 failed to blow its trumpet on the second day of fest!


The annual cultural fest of Panjab University, Agaaz 2015 was more of a mirage than a reality on the second day of its occurrence i.e., 25 November 2015. While a number of activities were proposed to be held, the implementation of the ideas was in a great deal of mess.


A number of activities ranging from Rangoli to Painting, Dances to Singing and further to a fashion show and star night, were supposed to be a gravitational point of attraction. But reaching the venue, one could point out that none of the activities started as scheduled and some did not even take place.


Saving their skin, the dances were changed to paper-dance and a number of such changes were made to fit the scene. But amongst all this chaos, the fest did not stand stable even for a moment.


The two major events of the day, Fashion Show and the Star Night though helped a bit to maintain the reputation but even in these events, things went disappointing.


The audience had to actually wait for an hour and a half for the Fashion Show, powered by fBB Big Bazaar and Glamazone Salon, to unveil the fashion mantra as it started at 7:30pm in comparison to its scheduled time of 6:00pm. Different Departments of the university walked on the ramp with a different theme each. Some kept it simple with the theme being ‘College Students’, while some others took to the ethnic theme. After a number of students “walking their walk”, the winner was finally declared with the BDS department taking the prize by walking on a theme of WOMEN EMPOWERMENT. Next was the Star Night, where the audience was endlessly waiting for NIKHIL D’SOUZA to claim the stage. It was the only event amongst many scheduled for the second day, which made Agaaz look like one.


Talking to the representative of PU Mirror, their event coordinator Rishab Beetan explained, ” We faced a lot of problems. Firstly, it is a holiday and hence people have not turned up. Secondly, we have exams which has affected the participation. A good number of students registered themselves for the fest but couldn’t be spotted. We can request them but we cannot do anything if they themselves refuse. We did our best.” Organized by Student Council consisting of Sumit Singh Ruhal, Vinod Dhayia, Dinesh Punia , Rishi Bhardwaj and the NSO Party, the star night did make up for the rest of the day but it could not help to make it a “successful” day of the fest.

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