After the results of 2015 UILS elections at P.G.G.C-11 shocked everyone, it was time for the winning parties to show their jubilation and thank the students who supported them by throwing a DJ party in the premises. The six mega party alliance of SOI+INSO+HIMSU+NSUI+SOPU+HPSU which won 3 out of 4 seats this year conducted this event on 2nd September 2015.
As expected by the winners, a lot of students showed up, enjoying the celebration and many did shake a leg to the beats of catchy Punjabi and Haryanvi music. This all was followed by a huge enchantment of leaders by their supporters and they received a great reception from the masses. But there was something that didn’t seem quite fine.
The newly elected president, Mr. Sombir Grewal and his party SBSU seemed ill-at-ease with the happenings of this event. When asked upon, it was informed that he didn’t want a DJ party to be organized in the first place, because he wanted to spend the funds in organizing a quiz or some cultural activity as a mean of thanking the students who supported his crusade rather than throwing a party.
Also, he said that this party was as biased and judgmental as it could get. The six mega party alliance gathered its own supporters in the party and asked all the other parties to leave the area. They emphasized mainly on Punjabi and Haryanvi culture and played songs by their will, neglecting the desires of students of minority-cultural and religious values, as Mr. Grewal said.
Consequently, after demands of many students, another DJ party was conducted in the college today, i.e. 7th September 2015 by the president himself along with his SBSU supporters. All the parties were invited warm heartedly by the organizers and the music was selected in a manner such that every religion and culture was gratified and cherished as promised by the president.


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