Adopt, Don’t Shop; Give Desi Dogs A Chance!


An adoption drive was organised in Town Park, Sector-5, Panchkula on 24th September for our voiceless furry friends. The adoption drive was the initiative of AWA (Animal Welfare Association), Panchkula to promote the adoption of desi dogs. A lot of breeders for their own greedy reasons use intensive breeding measures and people in the hopes of getting a “pedigree dog” don’t realize the strain they are putting on the animal. Overbreeding in the same gene pool, causes various genetic defects ranging from flat faces, serious breathing problems, hearing, vision and bone disabilities. Meanwhile, the desi dogs do not face any such problems but they are still roaming around on the street homeless, hungry in search of food are shooed off, beaten with sticks and stones, being victims of hit and run and left to die on the roads neglected, uncared for.

This adoptathon’s purpose was not only to provide loving homes to the dogs but also to create awareness among the people about the advantages of having a desi dog. From their better adaptability to the Indian climate to their decreased incidence of health problems, the cause of increased dog bite cases and understanding the psyche of the dog were all discussed. General public was also made aware of the laws of the PCA ACT 1960, Prevention of Cruelty Towards Animals and IPC 1960, the police is duty-bound to act when they see any violation of these laws.

Many people registered with the association to volunteer for this noble cause. The event was attended by people from all walks of life, from youngsters to elderly; all could be seen mingling with the dogs. The Mayor, Mrs Upinder Alhuwali; graced the event and appreciated the team for putting up a great show. She urged the general public to come forward and adopt these stray animals and provide a loving home.

Neenu Sodhi, Ivneet Kataria, Meenakshi Mahapatra, Needhi, Gunjan, Deepak, Poonam were the main brains behind the event. A vet, Dr Vikas, was also present to answer all the queries of general people, about the upkeep of the dog, vaccination schedule and about the common ailments. The main tagline of the group- ‘Adopt, Don’t Shop! Adopt. Foster. Sponsor’. If you cannot adopt, you can provide a temporary home to the animals, till it finds it’s forever home. Any help for the voiceless for the group should be made in kind and not cash. For the treatment of any accident victim or injured dog, you can directly pay to the doctor. You can connect with them on their facebook page @animalwelfareassociationofpanchkula. About 16 Indian breed dogs were adopted at the event and found a forever home.

PU Mirror congratulates AWA Panchkula, on hosting a successful adoptathon and wishes all the best for its upcoming events.

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