Aditi Mittal


Photography By Gurkirat Kaur (MCM College 36)

The chaos in her head and the turmoil in her veins, bleed like a rainbow on paper.  Her colour stained fingers, breathe life into pieces of sheet, that inspire and amaze all at once. Here’s to know more of Aditi Mittal, a gorgeous lady, whose marvels on paper enchant one and all at first sight. Currently pursuing Psychology Honours at MCM DAV College, this ex-Bhavanite talk to us about art, life and more.


~How did your journey at MADITIS begin?
I was into art since a very long time, but had never truly explored my potential. I painted and that was it. In class 11, when my work was recognized by my principal, Ms Shashi Bannerjee and my art teacher, Ms Rama; I realized that my work was more than just a piece of paper. I began exploring my abilities and eventually ended up starting my art label ‘MADITIS’ after my friends literally forced me to and now, I am freelancing under this label of mine.


~Why do you do ‘MADITIS’?

Apart from being my first love, my work inspires people. The best part is when someone comes up to me and tells how it has inspired them to pursue their dreams. If something I do, gives someone the courage to follow their passion, I’d do that all my life. That is, why it is, how it is.

~Why is it called ‘MADITIS’?
If you look at it carefully, it not only reads ‘MAD IT IS’ but also, ‘MAD ADITI IS’. My work is my randomness personified. I don’t paint with a plan; I just splash colours which follow the trails of my thoughts. My work reflects that tinge of craziness in my head and that is why, it is ‘MADITIS’.

~Who is your inspiration from the world of art and do you have any obsessions?
Well, to be honest, none. I don’t follow or look up to anyone in specific because my work is an image of who I am, rather than an inspiration taken from another artists work. About obsession, I am totally obsessed with galaxies at the moment. If you check out my work, you will find an endless spectrum of galaxies. Also, being a woman, womanhood consumes my work. Most of my pieces interlink these two aspects and reflect my belief that women, no matter what can go places in life.

~Where do you see yourself ten years from now?
That’s far-fetched but I’d like to see myself as one of the best designers out there, sipping coffee merrily and being happy about the fact that I have finally made it in life.

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