Adieu stale habits, begin this semester with new motivation!


It will be all new and fresh in some days. You are across two semesters, and sometimes if you calculate time you will realize what a wonder it is! Just equals that micro-second of the eye-blink. But genuinely, we all have felt the best and worst of the year. So the point now is to have a better year.

The kernel voices out that you must just overcome all the shortcomings and not let the motivated heart get low throughout the semesters. And it’s not just about academics, but your overall development that should witness a considerable improvement and growth. Why not then recapitulate those weaker points we tend to possess and rip them off our personalities. All the negatives that adhered to us, should now find a root back to the place from where they originated.

Let’s pocket in some mantras and fundas to have a visionary year, knit with confidence and motivation-


  • Play the recap:

It is important for all of us to know our weaknesses. Take a paper and just design out all your drawbacks. Anything that you know stopped you from reaching your ‘goal’. It could be lack of confidence, procrastinating nature, irresponsible attitude, and health issue, anything to say for that matter. Now, just make a list of remedies you’ll equip your future with. After sorting this thing out, take a minute and breathe away the stress. The burden will take off and you will surely feel the motivated cells building up your mind.


  • Style and design the entire Emotion-family:

The family is the pivot of whole workings all around the year. Keep the family happy, but also do not pamper the evil members. Heads up, for the coming time, balance your emotional manse. The more clear you are with yourself, the better vision you are going to own. Again, put the paper to use and just layout all the emotions that occupy and hover over your rationality, mostly. If its anger- hit mediation. If it’s a broken past and love which aches your heart- begin to love yourself first. If it’s any kind of other weakness- indulge yourself into interesting activities, hobbies maybe.


  • Make the word ‘Routine‘ a part of your life:

Mornings are meant to be felt with the beauty they actually get in our lives. Chart out a well planned routine for yourselves. All of that you have to do should be crystal clear in the structure of your routine. If you haven’t adapted to it in the last semesters, pin it to your minds this time. An organised life is more peace-fetching than a laziness-drenched one. Your gym-hours, sleeping-hours, college-hours, entertainment-hours, all the segmented hours should be featuring the page. That way, eventually, you will strike at least some bits of your goal.


  • Befriend your ‘Goal’:

Having goals in life is very important. See goals in bodies of different family members. A grandfather goal, a father goal and a cute-kid goal. To achieve that massive one, first please your cute-kid goal. A cute goal would be-completing assignments in time, starting your exercise mantra, trying to balance emotions, practicing peace, planting trees, commencing a hobby. A short-term goal when achieved naturally ladders to the ultimate one and your confidence takes heights. Whatever you want to be in your life, strive first to be a good human being. That will drive you smooth to the desired destination.


  • Evaluate your day:

Papers needed again. After you are done with all the main tasks of your day, just sit back and write the essence of the day on a paper. While writing, I’m sure you’ll realise the heaviness or lightness of the errands you managed to catch up with, the whole day. Accentuate it with a bottom line, explaining any significant event or thing you learned or felt. Deep inside you’ll feel the difference you are mapping out from your previous semesters. Also you can frame an improvement scale and plan the parameters according to your field. Record your ascents and feel pampered.


  • Participate Jumbo-more:

Participation is like butter to your personality, a fuel for development and chlorophyll for the growth cells. Be aware of all the activities that are going to happen in your college. Kick away ‘stage fright’. Just hit on any of the things and show off your skills. Even if you find yourself unsuitable for the round, deliver an audition. It doesn’t matter at all as to how you do it; in all that while you get the opportunity to grasp a million things from all around. And ‘experience’ is the mother of all the prized possessions. So just do it. Dance much, write down, sing aloud, sport away, paint up and do all that you can do other than your studies.


  • Stay amiable with academics:

Academics you all know plays the mater role in gifting you all that you wish to get. So study systematically. The best way is to revise at home, whatever you have attended in class. Honestly, it’s the best way to avoid the piling up of course and keeping pace with the teacher. Stay regular and maintain your notes in a better way this time. Sincerity will grant you many things which you thought could never be yours. Try it, this year! Let’s just improve ourselves.


  • Let’s fun our time productively, for a while:

Okay so let’s spice up our enjoyment routines. We hangout at several places throughout the city. Why not explore it in a useful way. Stay more alert when you hit a new place. Observe things, write down, and photograph the beauties. Just be more aware. Learn from wherever you can. Sometimes you grab spontaneous internships which are definitely an add-on and will top your resumes. Take along your guitars or books or food and hit a park. Sit and just mellow down the stress of the place. I’ll say spread happiness.


  • Engrave a mantra-for-year on the wall:

Just extract the juice of all the shortcomings and remedies and analyse what you need the most this year. What needs to be most inculcated? And then the fine line should reverberate around the whole year and each day. It can be ‘let confidence be-jewel life’; ‘health the best wealth’; ‘say bye to devil procrastination’; so basically it will be your sole or soul mantra.


  • I will be happy:

Well, these four words play the part hidden-well. Once you affirm yourself with the fact that you will keep happy, you definitely will. Stay iron-willed and don’t get driven away by small failures or temporary dejections. Face the facts and keep treading down the paths as they come. Do the does and bail out the don’ts. All you have to do is to have a ‘better year’. Love more, stay humble. Help the people and stay selfless. Also, just ‘farewell your past’.  Enjoy present and motivate yourself everyday with something good.

Maybe this semester we unveil the unseen of ourselves and thus unravel the unknown of our future.

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