Act Smart Before You Graduate!


Packing bags, moving back to home after graduation, looking for white collar jobs are the obvious things to state. But the practical knowledge is what is required to get a job, so preparing a plan before graduation will make your curriculum vitae more reliable or in case you start your own business it will help you in many perspectives you can’t imagine. Applying the key points may help you to figure it out.


  • Doing Cold mails: If you’re in dilemma and you need guidance from someone who’s one of the personalities you admire the most then you can send a cold mail to him making him voluntarily help you with your problems. Doing cold emails work better than you can assume because in this there will be no subjectivity from the other side.


  • To be friend with the passion and ambition: Entire life we learned making friends but at this point it may sound mean to the reader but making friends for benefits is the smartest way. And in positive sense we all want this, as you know the potential of your friend so in future if your friend has a great power to change the world with passion and ambition, then you and your friend may also work together or help each other in work.


  • To find your Guru: Having the back of your guru is the biggest achievement in your life and to find that top ranked professor who is the superior in a particular field will help you to analyze the different working situation. He will not only provide you with numerous logical solutions to tackle and deal with the hurdles but will also confirm that you gain some knowledge out of those.


  • Gaining practical knowledge: Theoretical knowledge isn’t sufficient in the world of rat race to succeed as giving a remarkable competition is now tough. It hence becomes imperative to work on practical, logical and reasonable thesis to broaden your mental arena on a holistic level.


  • Plan and implement your startups: If you’re planning to start a business before you graduate then you need to make critical analysis of the on goings legacy in the market, try to set up a blueprint to execute and implement the plan with due care. And starting a business before you graduate is a really good idea and experiencing the real market even with shortfalls won’t bother you if you face these situations after your graduation.


  • Try to get work experience: The real scenario of the world outside is diametrically different from what we read in the books. Going for internships is the easiest and the best way to get hands on experience of the world outside with almost no cost or investment. Try to get as many work experiences as you can get. It will help you figure out what you love doing or what you’re good at.


  • Be adventurous: Keep doing and trying new things in your life. The essence of newness makes you energetic and active. Going for adventurous trips widens your horizons, being engaged in something different or unusual from your comfort zone will add up to your potentials to face any situation.  Summer breaks, winter breaks are the best time for this.

Last but not the least, enjoy your college life because it will never come back. There is no rewind button, so live your every moment to the fullest with no regrets.


Upasna Chauhan (DAV College 10)



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