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Imagine, Believe, Achieve; Star Glitzz International Group, Chandigarh organized attempts for two Guinness World Records at MCM DAV College in a befitting manner. The attempts comprised of H.O.L.A.H (Hugs of Love and Happiness) and the maximum number of girls in a SELFIE. The event was thereby marked as a historical event.

Photo-Credit: Shaurya Dahiya (MCM DAV 36)

Photo-Credit: Shaurya Dahiya (MCM DAV 36)

The participants were dressed up in white tops and blue jeans along with exuberant smiles. Stars were being put on the front and the mark of SGI Group at the back of their tops. Further they were arranged in continuous “S” patterns to form hugs amongst all the participants. A particular movement of the hands was taught to the girls which was meant to followed by all, creating a wonderful sight for the on-lookers! The amount of energy and vibrancy was infectious which soon transformed into peppy dance activities.

Followed by this was the next attempt to click a sole selfie of all the participants which was taken up from the stage by the SGI Group.  The event estimated a head count of nearly 1245 girls which was amazingly astonishing.  To boost the morale of the girls, they were also provided with refreshments and a promise that their photographs will be posted at SGI Group’s official Facebook page!

Photo-Credit: Shaurya Dahiya (MCM DAV 36)

Photo-Credit: Shaurya Dahiya (MCM DAV 36)

This indeed acted as a refreshing change for the students even before their exams could start tormenting them!

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