Ache of a broken heart


The pain that you feel in your heart, the heartache. All that pain and the regrets, that you’ve had all this time, that makes you feel alive as well.

You realize that you miss her. You know what you said at that night, you just can’t forget that look in her eyes. You feel that heartache. All that pain, that you try to hide now. You know that it’d took a lot of your energy to gather that courage, to go to her and speak to her. There are so many things that you had wanted to say back then, when she was yours, when she lived to make you smile. You now miss those times, you’re hurt, you’ve cried a dozen of times already.You perhaps had never let her go.

Isn’t it hard to forget her and all those beautiful memories that you’ve shared? You sometimes feel like there’s no¬†tomorrow, without her. You always pray for her happiness and you yourself are hurt, you weep alone in the dark. That’s how it is. That’s how love is, complicated.

You never wanted to hurt her though, yet you did. It wasn’t your fault. People often say, that your heartache would go away as the time passes by, but for you time seemed to have stopped. You’re still the same. you wish that you could just go back to that moment, when you lost her. The pain that you feel in your chest, is a heartache.

So, what you feel is a heartache.

Congratulations! You are slowly coming closer to the reality of getting hurt in love, my friend. Now get yourself together and fight, if you truly feel or had ever felt for her. Only a man who truly loves his woman, will have the senses to see how beautiful his girl is inside out and that there possible can be another man approaching her, because he fell for her, knowing that you already are sorted. If you dearly love her, don’t you dare sit idle, and let her go and fade away from your side. Fight for her. Protect her. Love her in new ways. Everyday. Every week. Every month. Every year.

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Ridha Dhawan (MCM College 36)

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