ABVP Youth Thrashed by youth in Sec. 15


With the election season on top of our heads, everyone in Panjab University campus feels the rush of the hour. But all those who are either a part of the campaign or have witnessed it somewhere in their vicinity have come to know of two words which actually form the two sides of the coin. The words are- Fun and Danger.

Now these two form almost the opposites for any sane man, but when it comes to elections, we witness a lot of fun campaigning but we most definitely cannot sideline all the dangerous stuff that happens, be it someone stabbing someone, or throwing a bottle over someone’s head or the gun parade which usually makes it to the highlights of the newspapers.

Today one of the volunteers from ABVP party, Mehakveer Sandhu witnessed a head injury while protesting against Panjab University’s authorities because they gave ABVP+PUSU panel code to members of other parties and had changed the serial order of the candidates. To this Mandal president of BJYM Chandigarh Mr. Amit Kalra said, “Elections should be contested peacefully and democratically, without using the tools of money and power”

Incidences like this are the reason one fears to actually practice the legal right bestowed upon any individual after the age of 18. Member of the party and the friends of the injured are praying for his speedy recovery. As for the rest of them , they can just pray that incidences like these don’t occur again.



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