Abhaar: Ward of gratitude for the helpers


We always witness a lot many fests, events and programs organised in colleges either for the students or the teachers, hardly is there ever a time when we think about celebrating the hard work of the members of the non-teaching staff of our institutions. People like sweepers, drivers, peons and other non-teaching staff members form the backbone of our renowned institutes and in order to show the less visible love and  respect towards such people students from the Rotaract Club of MCM DAV College For Women, Sector -36, Chandigarh, organised an event called “Aabhar“. 

The word Abhaar literally means gratitude, which rightly encapsulated the objective of the event which was to express gratitude towards the hardwork and servitude of the helpers.

The event took place in the multimedia hall of the college on April 12, 2018. The main aim of the event was to provide a platform to the staff members so as to enable them to showcase their hidden talents. It was a highly entertaining event comprising of games like musical chairs, dancing, singing and comic strips. One of them sang – Mere sapnon ki rani kbb aaegi tu which was highly lauded and enjoyed by all.

The event provided an opportunity for recreation to the staff members, an escape from their mundane routine. They enjoyed themselves utterly and appreciated the event greatly.  Poems like – “Bahut kiya hai kaam, abb aaram kro were dedicated to the audience members.

As quoted by one of the members, it was a unique concept held for the first time ever in 16 years of his career, working as a staff member. While others highly appreciated the event by urging to conduct such events on regular basis so that they can also enjoy and relieve their stress.

By the end of the event everyone had huge smiles on their faces which was proof enough for the fact that the event  was indeed a great success.

We hope to witness more of such good-willed, philanthropic events in the future.

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Muskan Itten (MCM 36)


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