Aayushi Arora ( It’s truly said that there is a story behind everyone)


Aayushi Arora is pursuing her bachelor of laws from UILS, Panjab University. She dreamt of St. Xaviers, Mumbai. She scored so well that even SRCC wanted her. Never thought of getting into law. Then how did she end up here in UILS? Why Panjab University? This is why and how..

“Not bragging about myself but I have always been the best in everything from extracurricular activities to studies. I always dreamt of going to St. Xaviers Mumbai so that I could pursue my dream of becoming a model there. While I was in my grade 12, I lost my father. But that didn’t stop me from going after my dream because that’s what dad wanted me to do. Never give up, he said. I studied so hard for my dad and topped my mid-term exams and got a scholarship from my school. And that day I made it sure that will make my dad proud of me. I used to help mom with all the work at home and used to study the whole night for my exams. 18 hours a day too sometimes. On the day of my results of boards I got a call from my school telling me that I was the topper of my school and also amongst the tricity toppers. I was overwhelmed with joy yet I cried and cried a lot. My mother’s sister who I admired a lot wanted me to become a lawyer. I never did. On her insistence, I joined a law coaching centre and took the entrance test for UILS. With a score of 96.8%, I could have gotten into any college I wanted but I guess destiny didn’t want that for me. In mid June when the counseling of every college in India is held, my masi met with an accident. She fought for her life for 10 days and then left us all forever. I got admission in every college but never took it. I didn’t fill the forms in any college in Chandigarh because staying in Chandigarh wasn’t what I wanted. Hence, I was a topper with no admission in any college. But destiny had some other plans for me. Masi filled my admission forms in UILS that I never knew about. And that’s how I ended up here. And now I feel so glad that I am here in Panjab University. No regrets. Just happy and content.”

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Stuti Goel

Stuti Goel (UILS, PU Campus)

Just a girl next door. I am a law student from UILS, Panjab University. A fashion enthusiast. Reading and writing interests me



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