Aayushi Arora: Diva Stumping Odds

Strutting through the crowd with unparalleled confidence while she carries the glitz, wits and catwalks all the way to the colossal fashion industry is Aayushi Arora from UILS, PU; one of the top 6 finalists of Miss Diva Universe 2016.

Somehow managing to engage this glamorous diva for a tete-a-tete, we get all candid with her and raise the curtain to provide you a sneak peek into her personal life; while she emphatically outlines the blows she’s exchanged with it.

1.) Congratulations on making it to Miss Diva 2016. How did it all happen for you and what was it like?
As cliché as I’d not want it to be, but (I) really can’t contain the feeling of finding feet in a career I always dreamt of. Not just modeling but the charm that all those fancy bespoke dresses dispel, the cameras flashing just to capture you in that perfect moment, the urge to constantly better yourself and to top it all, the enriching experience of walking the ramp has been magnetic enough to draw me towards this precarious profession.

The experience on the other hand was like walking the trail of knowledge under the guidance of Lara Dutta. I would probably describe it as a hectic dream, you’re accommodated in Madh-Villa, Bombay; while you’re surrounded with cameras, and you have promo-shoots and then official shoots. Basically, you can hear the cameras flashing even in your dreams.


2.) There’s nothing more powerful than the parental support. How supportive have your parents been throughout?

My parents have always laid the building stones for the castle of my dreams. I owe my achievements to their eternal support. Life definitely hasn’t been as glamourously and perfectly designed, as it seems to be. I lost my father back in 2013, during my class 12 examination. I still have a crystal clear memory of him telling me to chase my dreams as he’ll always be there for me. Scoring 96.2% albeit a financial drought and supporting my traumatized mother was the biggest challenge ever. Neither of us gave up though, my mother has been my confidante, the torch bearer of my dreams and every single penny from her meager savings has been spent on my grooming for Miss Universe.

3.) What plans do you have now, education or modeling?

My main aim is the Miss Universe crown, but as a raw contestant with almost no contacts and draining funds, I shall definitely complete the two years of law I’m still left to ace through.

4.) We’ve always heard about the darker side of this highly stylized industry and how it objectifies women. Now that you’re a part of it, what do you have to say about it ?

I’m juggling two professions at the moment, which educates me about the fact that each industry has its own pros and cons. The effort which goes into earning a single penny is uniform, and the purging creativity and demand for young confident girls with raw talent and crazy fitness cannot be mistaken for objectification of women. Owing to the ostentatious nature of this industry blended with the power of media attraction, it somehow attracts negativity in abundance at times.


5.) Walking the ramp with the blinding flashes of the camera and all eyes set on you is numbing, how do you fill yourself with oodles of confidence before making an appearance?

I had stage fear (laughs). Well, you’re obviously trained to be confident, like I was by Tiara Pageant Training Studio; but when you come across your fellow contestants who’re professionals, it shakes loose what all you’ve actually learnt. The only tonic which can save you from jeopardy is confidence, which can only be instilled when you learn and understand that you’re unique in your own way and making it to the top will solely be based on your hard work.


6.) Your last words before signing off!

It’s not been the best ride, but I hope the destination is worth. I’d like to thank Miss Ritika Rampri for her constant guide and support, my friends and fellow mates from college who’ve been crazy supportive, and my mother (of course) who has been the eternal guide and rock support.

All our loving and a plethora of blessings to this brave heart, kicking all the odds away. Aaaahh and, for a pictorial epiphany, go follow her on Instagram right away.


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