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If you don’t already know ( BTW it’s weird if you don’t ) , A few days ago the social media and newspapers were flooded with the news of Aamir Khans comment on the communal tension in India .He apparently had said that he was alarmed by the growing intolerance in India and was considering leaving the country as he feared for his kids’ future .This happened when during a speech at an event hosted by National Daily Indian Express at New Delhi , he was asked to comment on the Dadar lynching incident .

People strongly condemned his statement and called for boycott of his upcoming movies . It was said that since the Actor was a Muslim himself ,his comment was communal and would create doubts in the minds of the people who blindly follow him. They took jabs at him in every way possible and asked him to ‘leave India and go to Pakistan’ . Some of them actually started uninstalling and writing negative reviews for the popular online shopping portal Snapdeal because Aamir Khan endorsed it saying they would only use it again only when Snapdeal wasn’t associated with Aamir Khan anymore . In a day social media was flooded with angry rants , celebrity comments and memes .Isnt this too extreme a reaction to someone’s opinion ?

First of all let’s get the facts right . What Aamir said was that his wife , Kiran Rao ,was asking if they should move out of the country as she feared for the security of their children . He actually said that this was very disastrous and very huge statement.And by the way , Kiran Rao is a Hindu herself . So ,There ! In a country where 80% of the population is comprised of Hindus , if a Hindu is fearful for her Children and their future , then the problem probably is not the other 20% of the population.

And secondly , whatever happened to Freedom of speech and Freedom of expression ? With Aamir Khans level of popularity comes power and yes with power comes responsibility . Responsibility because anything these people say or blog reaches to millions of people .But whatever he said wasn’t directed at some community or people of some religion ,he did not insult any community or religion neither did he provoke any community against another . Then what is the issue ? Why has this been made such a big deal ? By lashing out at him aren’t we actually being INTOLERANT ? We actually just proved his point .This is probably why most of the celebrities avoid taking a stand or commenting on religious or political issues , because no one wants to wake up to people protesting outside or throwing stones at their house. Intolerance manifests not just as lynching or killings or ink attacks  ,its biggest form is this !

And if this wasn’t enough , I have personally received messages and seen statuses on Whatsapp and Facebook asking people to not watch SHAH RUKH KHANS upcoming film Dilwale because of HIS comments on intolerance .Seriously what does Shah Rukh Khan even have to do with this. He hasn’t even said anything !  A perfect example of Mindless Reblogging and Herd Mentality! WAKE UP PEOPLE !

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