‘Aagman 2017’: From the Hills, To Everyone’s Hearts


After a remarkable performance in the Student Council election of 2017, HIMSU organized ‘Aagman 2017-18‘, a DJ party-cum-cultural fest, to acknowledge the efforts of their supporters and welcome the freshers of the university to the campus on September 24th.

The event was supposed to begin at 11:30AM. as specified, but due to the non-presence of the chief guest, the event saw a blank of almost three hours before it actually startedIn the following hour, the hosts entertained the huge crowd of students by playing some traditional Himachal folk music, followed by pop and romantic verses. In the beginning, the crowd was smaller in number, however, by 2:00PM it was all decked with students from inside PU campus as well as from different colleges around the city, including significant number of students from SD College 32, PGGC College 11, PGGCG College 11, and DAV College 10.

At about 2PM the chief guest, Deepak Dhiman (State Editor Dainik Bhaskar) and guest of honor JL Negi (Banking Omudsman RBI, Chandigarh) arrived, and were welcomed by the HIMSU family by presenting them with traditional caps, offering them a token of their culture. The guests and the HIMSU family lit the lamp of learning and offered their gratitude to the almighty.

The cultural event began with the first performance by the students PGGCG College and the two participants enacted as Shiv and Shakti performing the cosmic dance of Lord Shiva, the Tandava.

As it was a HIMSU celebration, there was no point of missing the magnificent folk dance “Naati”, which all of the pahadis were eagerly waiting for. As the Naati dance performance began, the students from the crowd found space in between the rows and seats and started embracing their culture with their own groovy dance moves. After Naati, the audience was provided with a Bhangra performance, where all of then could not help it and danced along. Next up, was another folk dance from Ladakh.

Following the folk dances, it was time to deliver a much required message of homeland and oneness, which the team of DAV College managed to give away with the help of a play which was based on the theme Humari Sanskriti, Humari Virasat’. The play ended with yet another Naati performance and the performers were joined again by the crowd.

The evening was full packed with amazing cultural dances from Manipur and Haryana as well. It was a full house show as the crowd enjoyed and embraced all sorts of rhythms from across the nation, primarily the Pahadi folk dances.

“If I were a student, either I would be out there on the stage performing, or sitting in the last row and cheering up the performers.” said Deepak Dhiman, the chief guest.

The event was a celebration of identity and diversity, where students from all backgrounds coming along under one roof and opening up to each other’s culture. ‘Aagman‘ was a welcoming feast, setting a great example of “Unity in Diversity”.

About the Author:

Nidhi Sharma (Khalsa College 26)

About the Photographer:

Armaan Dhillon (SD College 32)


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