A year in review of college politics (GGDSD COLLEGE –  32C) 


College politics to some is the most entertaining thing throughout the year and to some is just a waste of time. Various party leaders and workers give their best to make the students realise why their party is the most deserving one. Efforts are made to help the students in admission procedures during the rising heat of June and July just so that a good impression is laid on them. Full fledged campaigning and charismatic speeches are given by leaders which do pull the crowd towards the most worthy speaker.

Panjab university and it’s affiliated colleges see alot of politics in the month of July and August until the elections are held in the first week of September every year. Students with stickers on their chest depicting the party and candidates they support can be seen all over the campus. Enthusiastic students supporting different candidates can be seen all over the places and sometimes they even come face to face with each other shouting aloud their candidates name and party.

GGDSD COLLEGE  is one of the colleges where we get to entertain ourselves with some pretty high level of politics. Involving confrontation, counter questioning and even fights at times. Here at SD the SDCU+SDHU union had been wining for the past two years and they were pretty much at the top of the elections. Their main rivals were SOI a newly formed party with a very enigmatic leader and supporters. As anticipated SDCU had to face defeat and SOI came to power with Jaskirat Singh as the president.

Many of his promises included a proper sitting arrangements for the college canteen, a proper short cut grass field and campus placements for the students of final year.
Jaskirat Singh being a very genuine person had got plenty of votes and this was a clear sign of the students request for a better council. The college management too seemed impressed by the student leader and agreed to most of his demands as the voice of the students.
Good sitting arrangements were made in the college canteen for the students to sit, few students were even offered good jobs in this competitive world and the field work is still being carried on by the college authorities.

Pretty much a win-win situation for SOI but, it has not all been good, supporters were even promised that all their work related to the college office will be handled efficiently. This saw a major set back as students complained about the struck off not being taken care of as effectively as promised, this still is a minor issue.

The main criticism was made on the students organisation of India (SOI)  in GGDSD during virasat which saw only two prominent stars performances, whereas the students were promised plenty of stars and a different star night. Virasat didn’t bring with it just one problem there was another one involving plenty of students who complained about not receiving their volunteer certificates just as the previous students council did.

The students council for 2014-15 in GGDSD was a hard working bunch of students who gave their best for the betterment of the college and to make the students happy with events like Virasat and sports meet. Everyone on the top has to have a fare share of critics and such was the case with Jaskirat Singh and his panel. They did the good and the dissaponting side by side un-noticed.

Elections 2014 were too much entertaining and the up coming ones promise nothing less. With the rise of Students organisation of Panjab university (SOPU)  in GGDSD it seems an old foe for the other parties has arrived. All the supporters of different parties have been working hard and preparing for the next elections all we have to do now is wait and see who who shall carry on the work done by Jaskirat. Will the next president be strong enough to fit in the shoes of the previous leaders or will he/she raise the bar to new level searching for greater heights.


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