A virtual reality game called ‘EXAMS’


What exactly are exams? Is it the final test of your intelligence at the end of the year, or a way to test your mettle? Or in fact a measure to see how much have you understood? Can it be merely a formality practiced at the end of the so called ‘Academic Year’ (which is filled with everything but academics) to end the session and a name sake procedure that you ‘passed’ the class with flying colours?


  1. NO. For me exams are simply a waste of the time and that of the precious trees that are cut every year to make those answer books for oneself. Writing 8 pages per question is a minimum norm if you want 11 out of 15 marks, underline and present it for 12 marksand decorate the answer booklet if you want the highest, i.e., 13 marksor the “extra marks for a good handwriting” clause of the professors.


Like seriously, decorate? Is it an exam to test your knowledge of the subject or a test of your art and craft skills? As long as the student has the right knowledge and is writing the correct answers, just give him those marks. I don’t think that Einstein or Newton had to do all this.

Exams are a test of knowledge, the progress you have made throughout the year. What we actually see is mugging up of anything and everything. Is this the way one actually tests the worth of a person? I remember Rancho from 3 Idiots, “Chabuk ke darr se to sher bhi gulati marna sekh jata hai. Par us sher ko hum well trained kehte hai, well-educated nahi.” Aren’t we headed to become the same well trained shers in our lives?

We all used to play those games where we had to accomplish tasks and complete missions. Aren’t these exams the same? Schools and colleges have designed the whole concept of these exams like a replica of some super hard game. The only difference being that those games were for recreation whereas these exams dictate our lives.

This is how the game goes: Every level aka ‘Academic Year’ has two main stages, viz., semesters. And you have to survive the entire stage aka ‘the semester’ and reach the end where is a monster waiting to feast upon your brain aka ‘EXAMS’! But hey, these game designers don’t let it be that easy, they have levels for us at every stage. The difficulty goes from bad to worse at every level.

These are the Levels:

Level 1- Class test

Level 2- Quiz

Level 3- Mid-semesters

Level 4- Assignment Presentation

Final Level- Semester Exams

And you have to pass them all. No matter how you do it, what cheat codes you end up using to increase your life; you just have to pass it. Just don’t get caught while you do it, else they have an UNFAIR MEANS CERTIFICATE waiting for you!

Actually they hardly care if you exactly get those tenets of education for which you were admitted to the college! All they want is for you to win the game with a high score so that their college wins laurels and thus, in the next admission roll they can brag.

And you know what the worst part is, the topper gets the highest paid job and the loser gets the worst paid job with taunts and taane complimentary from all. No matter how they managed to get those marks, whether they decorated their answer sheets and smeared it with rangoli or mugged up the entire answer!

Your talent, intelligence, art, passion, all are worthless in this cut throat game where you need to shed the blood of your fellow beings and reach the top. And how do you do it? Simple! Never even tell your best friend how you study or how you attempt the paper. Forget friendship peeps, what matters is your marks for they strongly believe in the dictum, “Win the game, Win life or just go die!

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