A toast to the sexiest sign ever!


November is here and so is the scorpion season! Yay! It is now time to let everyone know that why scorpion girls are just plain amazing. Ain’t no girl like my scorpion girl. #truestory

1. She is sexy.
No. Not just by looks. The way she presents herself is more than enough for you to call her sexy. She has this personality that makes you go gaga over her. Mind it, Scorpio is called the sexiest sign of all for a reason.


2. She is damn passionate!
Passion runs through her blood. She could be called a wild cat too. 😉 Jokes apart, scorpions follow their dreams and will do literally anything to get what they want. Their passion is their pride.

3. She is loyal af!
Consider yourself a lucky ass if you have a scorpion girl as your partner or a friend because no one can be more loyal than a scorpion girl.

4. She isn’t scared of commitments.
Ek baar jo maine commitment de di, toh bas de di. This is what a scorpion girl is. She wouldn’t ever be scared of committing to you ( Conditions, she loves you. )

5. She loves truly. Madly. Deeply.
It’s not easy for a scorpion girl to fall for someone. But when she does, it is too much. She would do anything for the one she loves. Anything. Don’t hurt the one she loves. You have heard about the scorpion sting right? Just sayin’.

6. She has self respect (ample of it).
The confidence and poise she carries is because of her self respect. There is nothing more important to a scorpion woman than her respect. And there is nothing more impressive than a woman who loves and respects herself. Right?

7. She has a razor-sharp memory.
If you have ever done something nice for a scorpion, she’ll never forget it! She will always be grateful to you for that but if you ever did anything wrong to her? She might forgive you for it, but boy! Forgetting it? Not happening. Whatever you do to a scorpion, it will always be grounded deep in their hearts.

8. She is secretive.
She doesn’t reveal much about her and her life. She might seem like a twisted dark person to you. But if you have earned her trust, she’ll probably pour her heart out to you! Feel lucky if a scorpion tells you shit.

9. She is brutally honest.
‘’muhfat’’ is what a scorpion girl is. Whatever is in her heart, is on her mouth. If she loves you, she’ll say it. She isn’t shy of telling what’s going on in her mind. Sugar coated truth isn’t her thing. She might sound rude or mean sometimes, ( more like a bitch) but at least  she’s honest! Also, she hates the people who lie! Liars stay away. Suchna jan hitt mein jaari.

10. She is not fake.
She is herself. Always. She has zero percent fakeness in her personality or her relationship with you. Whatever she does is completely real. She expects everyone in her life to be honest and real with her as well.

Shoutout to all those scorpion women out there. Cheers! #toomuchhotnessalert

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